Palm Pilot


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Can anybody recommend a Palm Pilot type device that is able to store aircraft checklists? I'm thinking ahead for Christmas...

Preferibly in the $200-300 range...(If possible).


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Any of them should be able to do it. You can store them as a memo on even the cheapest one.

If you want an old Palm VIIx, PM me. First person to request it gets it for free, just pay for the shipping.


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Hey Tony, I am interested in your offer, if it is still available. Struggling student pilot working on my commercial and something like this would be great. Thanks a lot.


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My wife's getting me a Tungsten E ($199 CLIE TJ35 equilivent) for Christmas. I'm sure someone has developed a checklist program somewhere.

I plan on using mine with the Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook and Logbook Pro. I pretty excited about it. There's also a great E6B program out there for pretty cheap.


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I have a palm m515. has enough memory that I have about half of the AOPA edirectory saved on it, and could probably fit most if not all that is left. I also have the sportys e6b program which works the same as their electronic e6b. I have not gotten any checklists for it, but I have seen checklist programs that are available.