Over 3 weeks on the road


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Over 3 weeks on the road!

It was my fault though....

Had a 6 day Milan and a 7 day Venice. Went to Antigua, Guatemala in between both trips for a little adventure vacation with the Mrs.

But I am a little tired for some strange reason.

I think I will just sit in my house and stare drooling at the walls for the next few days!
I have a 9:45 Charleston layover... 3-day, commutable.

I just don't know how to hurt myself like you do!

Mad Doggy Dog

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Sweet pics!!! so is Mrs. MDD ok after her spill?

Why did the guide bring his dog if he has to carry it?

Hi Kristi,

Mrs MDD has a cool collection of battle scars from mountain biking. She is a tough chick. Mrs MDD was laughing as we pulled her out of the mountain side brush.

Dogs are always good to take on a hike. The Pacaya Volcano trail is mostly cloud forest soil. At the top of the trail, the soil ends and the jagged lava rock begins. Lava rock is not good for dogs to walk on. The dog, Ella, walked most of the trail.

In fact, at the bottom of the trail in the village, Ella had a great time chasing chickens.........which was much to everyone's amusement.