Oh Canada!


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Had the pleasure of meeting Chris today on the way back home from Montreal in Toronto!

Super cool dude! Great to get a perspective from him and the issues Jazz faces and how they compare to issues down here. It would be great to see him at NJC! Actually think he should do a round table on Canadian Airline operation and how it compares to the United States.

Chris, REALLY appreciate all the help getting the jumpseat stuff on Air Canada figured out AND once again the invitation to come down to Austin is always there for ya!
Seggy, what are you doing on the internets? Shouldn't you be getting ready to roll out the red carpet for me up in Herndon for the EXBD meeting? ;)
Packing as we speak. By the way what is the dress code for this thing?

Reception dinner is business casual, but the signing ceremony on Tuesday afternoon is business-dress, I think. They told us to wear suits. When you getting in? I'll be up there by noon tomorrow.
Yeah they told me suits, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting 'amorissed' so wanted to double check.

I really have NO idea when I will be getting up there. Going to try a 5:40 AM flight on Delta through ATL, but just thinking of going through that airport makes me want to cry, yet gate to gate from AUS it is the quickest. You getting on the 10:01 AM on Delta? Also you know anything about the lunch on Thursday?
Gotta get up in about 5 hours to take an AirTran flight at 830. I'll be getting in at about 1030. I'll have a rental car if you need to get anywhere.

No idea about the lunch on Thursday. That might just be for you fancy EXBD members. ;) I'll still be up there, though. We're there all week.
Call me when you get in. I'll be hanging out in the Herndon office with Rino until our meeting starts at 2 or 3.

And yes, Canadia does rock!
It was my pleasure Seggy! Definetly hope I get the chance to meet more of yall and make it to an NJC! Anytime anyone is overnighting in YYZ let me know and Ill do my best to make it out!

It was kind of funny when I got on the plane to leave for EWR, my captain pulls out the airline pilot magazine with your article in it!

Hope you enjoyed the AUS flight too. My flight to EWR was great, it was sunny and 30C so I got a nice bikini tan.

And thanks for the Starbucks! ;)
Todd/ Mark.....

I'm in Herndon 'til Wed. afternoon, doing 3407 business......give me a ring.
All I know is that I wish I could grow a mustache like the old guy working passport control in YUL....anyone who has seen him will know what I'm talking about.