NY or Cleveland

lots of crazy things happening back home, none of them good. had me thinking about being closer so i could help out with it all. nothing to do with Panam, i wish i could pick the school up and move it to the northeast actually. then all my problems would be solved. i don't want to leave the school at all, but sometimes other things take priority. so i'm keeping my options open in case things get worse and really do need to go back up North.
oh, sorry to hear that. I wish you and your family the best of luck. I know how you feel, I wish that I could transplant a school in Chicago. Well, it's not that big of an aviation town anyway... /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

thanx. Buffalo is not the best when it comes to avaiation for real, hence my Florida migration. do what ya got to do though.
I know some about eastern NY, most any FBO will do if the instruction is good. you may have more real bad wx days, but not that much more.
thanx. what FBO's in eastern NY do you have experience with? i'm really just getting as much info as i can, also if anyone could quote some costs of Comm. license along with instructor ratings in the FBO style. as much info as possible would be appreciated.
I earned my PP-ASEL @ Akron (9G3) just 10 miles east of BUF. Good, but very small FBO. Part time instructors, but one of the CFIIs owns his own business, and can devote as much time to teaching, as you can devote to learning. Another good option in Western New York is Dunkirk (DKK). They are a part 141 school. They have a fleet of new Cessnas, and a Duchess.
have you flown during the Buffalo winters? if so, was it difficult to work around weather delays, and how much real flying time can you get in the winter back in WNY?
I have delt with the folks at GFL, and OIC. I also know a few people who have trained at UCA, all are pretty much the same IOC is quite small, but all are fine.
Hi... Sorry I took so long to reply.. -- Anyway to answer your question... Yes I have flown in the Buffalo winter.. (I began training on 9/1/01, and passed my Private checkride in June of '02)... The winter was not fun, but I learned how to do runups on icy taxiways, and how to avoid the slush and ruts on short and narrow runways. (ie. short and soft field technique!) -- Also, there can be some really interesting winds here in the winter time. In contrast however, the winter can provide some of the most smoothest air, best visibility, and the best performance that you will ever get out of your plane. Did it delay my training? Well yes.. but that is mostly my own fault. I work full time, and could only fly after work (after 4:30pm) and on weekends. As you know, in the winter the sun sets at about 4:30!... We did get plenty of night training in, but as you know, there's only so much you can do at night during the pre-solo stage. So, to answer your question, I could have gotten-in plenty of flights, but since I did most of my winter flying on Saturdays, there were times where I didn't fly for the whole week. I sat at my desk staring out the window at perfectly good flying weather on many a winter-weekday this past year. I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me for any further details if you need some CFI's phone numbers, or if you have any other questions.
thanx for the info...if things take a turn for the worse and i need to go back home i'll definatly drop you a line. thanks again
Someone mentioned Dunkirk Aviation (DKK) You can check out their website at dkk.com.

Good school and they are now affiliated with Jamestown Community College.

Best of luck.