Newest members of the Jetcareers family!


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I'd like to announce the arrival of the two newest members of jetcareers and my family!

I had a son, Benjamin, born today 4# 15oz and a daughter, Anna, 5# 11oz.

Mrs. Chunk is doing great, albeit tired. I am finishing this post and going to bed. I am absolutely floored by the experience...totally overwhelming.



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Congrats and to Mrs. Chunk she defintely deserves kudos for carrying and delivering 2. Welcome to the new members...


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Hey shippy, congrats and welcome to the greatest fraternity on earth! It's a tough job, but it's wothwhile and sometimes stressfull. I love my son to death, even though he's 18 months and becoming a hellian with the onset of the "terrible two's"


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So there I was, sitting on the couch trying to convince my 8 week old son that 1am is not playtime, and I read your post about having twins. Suddenly I realized I don't have it so bad! Welcome to parenthood
My baby just started smiling two weeks ago, and watching him smile at me makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile!

Congratulations! Twice!