New Orleans

Me and my husband (JC member Skidz) live in Gretna. I used to work at Lakefront airport and he is currently working on his multi-engine commercial out there.
Yes, I go to Gulf Coast Aviation.
I'm slowly trying to get ready for the CFIs but between work and 2 babies it's not really going anywhere. I will get it done eventually but I'm not in a rush anymore. So once a month I rent a C172 and enjoy my one hour..
Cool deal! Glad to see to locals here.

I used to fly out of HDC, but have been flying at GAC at KNEW for some time. I started my multi-commercial in the Twinstar, then once it became OTS, I finished up in the Seminole.
Same story here. I had 9 hours in the twinstar and then waisted over a month waiting for a new bird. It turned out to be way more expensive than initially planned !
I live in Gretna as well. It's been over six months that I have flown. Just finished my CFI writtens back in Dec. and hit a brick wall due do money issues. Would love to tag along if anyone needs a safety pilot or a simple joy ride. Looking for some right seat comfort.

congrats Pam. Wow, plenty of hair!
I'm glad to see a few New Orleanians on the board.

Let me know if you guys ever want to share the cost of a rental some time.
N.O. really could use a little state provided community airport within driving distance for the little guys here in the city. The hangers would stay FULL, short driving distance, and the price of hanger rent would be at a reasonable rate.

I hear talk about one going up possibly in jefferson, orleans, or plaqamans parishes. Last I heard it was Mertal Grove which is on the very outer limits IMO.
I'm moving down to New Orleans in August. Going to be working at KNEW in the tower. After I get checked out and comfortable I want to get my CFI at NEW. I have my Commercial Instrument. How much does the CFI cost down there?
P.S. Im flying down to new orleans April 1-4. Looking for apartments in the Meterie area. Anyone recommend something nice in the $800-$1200 range for a 1 or 2br.
sent him a PM. I also was looking at Kenner, LA. How far is the drive from Kenner to KNEW? The apartment I found is right off the main highway in Kenner.
I say it depends on traffic and what route you take everyday, and what time. I live in Gretna. I checked once and I think it was only somewhere around 10-15 miles from my apartment to the airport and it took me an hour to get home everyday. Traffic here sucks and there's a lot of construction on I-10 all the time. At least you won't have to deal with the toll bridge everyday though! lol