New Midwest Airlines owner to cut 100 local jobs


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Aug. 14, 2009
Midwest Airlines Inc. will cut about 100 jobs from its Milwaukee-area workforce, a reduction of about 9%, company Chief Executive Officer Bryan Bedford said Friday.

Most of the job cuts from Midwest's Oak Creek headquarters and operations at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport are back-office and administrative positions that duplicate jobs at Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings Inc., which completed its $31 million purchase of Midwest on July 31.

"We've got to make the airline highly efficient," Bedford said.

Also, looks like the future Midwest fleet with be the E-170, E-190, & A-319 aircraft
There also will be a change in aircraft, with Midwest dropping its nine 99-seat Boeing 717 jets, to be replaced by nine 99-seat Embraer 190 jets. Under Republic's ownership, Midwest's fleet will include a dozen 76-seat Embraer 170 aircraft, and 12 regional jets with 37 to 50 seats.

Also, Republic on Thursday emerged as the winning bidder in a bankruptcy auction for Denver-based Frontier Airlines. Bedford said some of the 138-seat Airbus A319 jets used by Republic will likely be shifted into service for Midwest flights to West Coast destinations.
I think they meant "The A319 jets used by Frontier" but that's just my guess. Anyways that will be interesting to see the A319's in Midex colors.