New ATP Instructor/Hiring Status Link


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For all those that wondered what the hiring status was at ATP or how the connections were with regional airlines, I just went to the ATP website and found a new link to this info:

FYI: I am NOT an instructor (yet) or on staff with ATP. I will be starting their ACP program next week.

yadda yadda Aloft...just keeping the info out there so people don't have to search for it!
Geez, you try to make things easier for people and you just catch crap for it.
Just gang up on me! I see how you guys are. I was just trying to make it easier for people to directly find the link versus having to search the other threads for them. But I do give credit to Aloft for posting it first!.

Nope, no one's ganging up on you! In fact, I usually just answer posts and don't pay a whole lot of attention where they come from.

The primary reason why you may feel a little heat is because ATP's forum is still under a "double secret probation" after some web tomfoolery from one of the ATP administrators here.

If you feel ganged up on, sorry, but 100% of the close scrutiny of this forum evolved from that persons lack of regard for the rules.
Nah, I was just messing with you guys. And to avoid further problems, I clearly stated who I was and my connection with ATP.

Wait! Now aloft is the ATP forum savior from the evil Posers? What happened to your attitude about leaving them alone...? You go from defending the guy and his deceptive post to searching out future students and ramming them for posting info you posted already. Way to go! I thought we were being too hard on 'em.

Post Disclaimer: Not corrected for grammar or spelling.
Dang, what is this, the Jerry Springer show now? haha!

Chill, baby!

My sister is also my CFI! When you aren't around, I like to dress up in Captain's clothes... Double-I makeovers!

Post disclaimer: Poster is an MEI, is employed by ATP, and doesn't give a wet slap about grammar and spelling. Flame on.
"Wha? Wha? Who my baby's CFI? You is? Hell naw, you ain't my baby's CFI!"

<insert "chair throw" here>
<pull hair>
<rip off epaulets>
What is the "sig"nificance of the username sig. I see it attached to 3 users. Is it some airport 3 letter or something????
Damn...I thought we were trying to keep that under wraps!
Honestly, I can say my chapter never did anything that would be considered hazing by our university or any other greek organization. Can't speak for Sig however. Our national headquarters has a strict policy against hazing and they'll be lucky to get their charter back at MU.

Hey better hope neither Sig nor I (assuming I get an instructor position when I finish) becomes your instructor when you come to ATP! Otherwise we'll show you hazing

BWAHAHA... watch the smack-talking aloft.

What the fellas did at Mizzou was silly, pointless and unfortunately, newsworthy.

And hazing... heh. Gimme an hour with you in the sim! I'll have you ready for a box of juice, some animal crackers and a nap. We can wear you out in the box much better than in the plane.

Steve: Hopefully I'll be doing your Pairing 302 checkride. If I'm placed there in the near future, I'll request it immediately. I'll hopefully do your CRM box-work, too.
I know hazing, and what was reported in the story ain't it.

Pillowcases over their heads while being yelled at and having beer spilled on them? Puh-lease.

Now, the house (not Sigma Chi) that made a dude tie a brick to his unit and then toss the brick off a 2nd story balcony--thereby separating said unit from said dude--that's hazing.

In the sim, I'm there to be hazed!
Aloft the CAP guy said "I know hazing"

HAHAHAHAHAHA....Taking out your frustrations on the "cadets" are we? "Drop and gimme 10!"...or is it "I'll give you a demerit!!!!!!"