**Need help on Airport project***


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I'm sorry for cutting in nearly a year later with a not-so-aviation query but PLEASE!!!!!!! reply to this !

I've been offered a project (software) by the airport authorities. The project is to analyze and certify various obstructions in the airports airspace. I have only 4 months time (may - sept)

I'd welcome any thoughts and web URLS or details or Help from you guys who are a lot closer to aviation than me!

Hope JC.com again helps me out in this regard!

Wait, what's this project? And what exactly do you need help on? I'm confused.
well this is the problem.

The airport must certify all buildings in 25m radius of it.

There are certain restriction (as per ICAO Manuals)

a few restricted "cones" in the actual terminology.

I have to develop a software to plot the location of the building and check with all the restrictions and tell wheter it is too high (reject) or permissible.

The elevation of the building is compared against the set minimums for the runway and for the different navaids.

Well.. thats all i know too

Just referred.What we follow is ICAO Man 4444 which is the parent to the FAR 77 i believe. Can anyone give some URL with details or name of some existing software used for FAR 77 analysis?
Also any suggestion based on the complexity difficulty or ease is welcomed Whole-Heartedly
are you going to create your software in GIS? that would probably help you greatly! esp if outside sources have to use it...