My networking lesson


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Here is proof that networking is the best thing to do even BEFORE you have ever flown. As many people know I don't have any ratings, haven't done much at all in my steps toward flying. Well a few weeks back my dad met a guy at Ralph's who owns a plane, and he said he would call us when he goes flying. Today he calls me and asks me if I want to go up for an hour. Too bad I couldn't but we scheduled to up on the morning of Thanksgiving.In the words of Doug, "NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK."


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duuude you are so right... Same thing happened to me. I've finished my PPL and am halfway through the IFR when I realized, I don't know any pilots except for the flightsimmers on flightsimnetwork forums. What the heck good does THAT place do me? When I looked at my "setup" I found that I was spending too much time on the flightsim stuff and not enough time at the airport.

The next day I went to my FBO and asked for a job on the weekends. Now I know all of the instructors, the staff, and have met a few charter pilots coming in and out, and have gotten a nice discount on rentals/instruction.

Never sell any pilot-connection short. Even the geeky 16 year old student pilots should be on the list- they'll probably be a copilot someday!