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It seems like there is very little room for Multi time at Westwind beyond the training you get for your multi license, even if you become a multi instructor (only 3 seminoles). Is this school worth all the money if you come out of it with 1000 hours instructing in a 172 and minimal multi time?
I went to Pan Am, and by doing so I got to hear "the hear say" of what Westind is like. It is more laidback than Pan Am, the students get to pick what plane they get to fly, the instructor and student get to set their own schedule, and the student doesn't get charged for a brief they never receive. I did my instrument, CRM sim, and multi rating, and I was charged 1.4 times the hobs, times the cost of ground per hour for briefs all of which cost me $7000 dollars for 200 hours of briefs that I never received. It is hard to say how much brief time that I have received since the average time was about 5 min after each flight while the instructor would sign my logbook. Anyway, I know there are instructors at Westwind that have upwards of 2000hrs with maybe 200-300 multi. Westwind and Pan Am have their advantages and disadvantages. Pan Am has a great facility as does Westwind, but the aircraft at Pan Am are in great shape, 98, 99 00, 01, and 02 models. The Archers have airconditioning, and I forget if the Arrows have it since I never flew one. The Seminoles don't. The thing is at Pan Am one knows what aircraft they will fly day to day, but at Westwind, if you are an instructor, you will fly what ever the students want. I know a handful of students in the past month that have left Pan Am to transfer over to Westwind or another school, but I have never heard of a student come from Westwind to Pan Am. Though, Pan Am does have an instructor that did receive his training at Westwind, got hired on as an instructor at some other facility, and then got hired at Pan Am. I believe that one will save thousands at West Wind as a student whereas a student at Pan Am can easily spend the $80K one can borrow through Key loan. The bridge program is a joke at Pan Am. Every instructor that leaves Pan Am for employment ends up at Airnet. I have not seen one instructor go to a regional carrier, and I have been there since January. Just last month at Embry-Riddle in Prescott, ACA hired 20 instructors. There are airlines hiring just not from Pan Am.
I have heard that Westwind is working on a Multi time building program. Does anyone attending the school know anything about this? Also, any attendees have insight to the school as to how you are treated and if they really do hire all graduates as flight instructors as they claim?
Hum, well I guess with the money you save at Westwind you could just opt to do some of your training in a twin? Hum.. but I guess by the time your multi certified there isn't a whole lot of training left to do. Or heck, even hire one for a trip somewhere or somthing.
Here is the scoop for all of you new people. Westwind students finish their multi private at 25-30 hours. Almost double the required amount. As an instructor you will not see hardly any multi time. When I was there (for one certificate) I had more multi time coming out of the Flight Safety CIME program than 95% of Westwinds instructors. There are instructors there with almost 2000 hours total time and maybe 75+ multi time. Don't you think it is funny that Westwind has quite a few instructors with well over 1500 hours that are not getting called for interviews. ASA and ACA recently went to Flight Safety and took 20+ instructors between the two companies. ACA also walked in and took several ERAU instructors. I don't see them knocking on Westwinds door asking for instructors. If you go to Westwind you will not finish in the time they quote you or anywhere near budget. They have alot of unhappy students there. One student told me that the only happy students are the pre-privates because they do not know any better (yet). Good luck!
Actually it is about helping new students to not make the same mistake by going to a school that is not honest and up front about their program, the cost of their program, or the length of time to finish the program. Here is another example: There is a guy by the name of Joe at Westwind who finally finsished his CFI after 2 years as a full time student. He is actually a pretty knowledgable guy whos flies quite well. I know this because we had the same instructor for our CFI. I am telling you it is the delays with their maintenance and scheduling. I do not want to see other people make the same mistake. I should be thanked for bringing this to the table. Do you have any idea how many students out there are afraid to say anything to management at these schools when they are being screwed. Listen up people, it is your money not theirs. You are the one who has to pay it back over 20 years. C-ya
A lot of people simply put up with the crap because they are afraid to say something. In joe's case he kept being told just as I am that he would be compensated. He was also hangin on for that "gauranteed" CFI job they promise you. I would rather pack up and move all the way across the U.S. to get good quality training and have to interview for my CFI job than deal with the BS. I do agree that students need to watch their accounts. I balance mine like a checkbook. As a matter of fact my wife caught a $650.00 over charge on my account at Westwind. Hmmmmm, I wonder how often that happens? I still haven't seen that money either and I have documentation to back it up. The funny thing is it wasn't really an overcharge, the money is just gone with no trace of a charge. I wonder how many other students there would find money mysteriously missing on their accounts if they balanced them out? Anyway it will all come out in court I guess. It is a shame I have to waste my time and energy on this. I hope others will learn from this. CLR4ILS
this is not true. I am a student not a employee. 6 people have been hiren in the last 60 days 2 to the ERJ , 1 to the CRJ, 2 to Airnet and 1 to JEtstream 41. Trans States has openings every month until NEXT October (2003) for two pan am ace grads. I dont like pan am like the rest of the posts but you WILL get a job since when you finish you ave >100 Multi and around 400 PIC. That is what they are looking for. [color:#666666] [/color]
I don't even know what school you are talking about dude, but 400TT/100Multi is not the kind of time that's getting you a job nowadays.

I've got a some friends that are Trans States captains. I would not leverage $60,000 in pursuit of a long term job at Trans States.
a couple of guys from Panam just got hired on at Trans State. i know the one pretty good, hes a great guy.