Multi-Engine Prices at your flight school


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Hey Guys just wanting to get an idea about what some of the prices are for Twins around the country.

Please include the type of airplane and its hourly rate.

DA42 at KAPF is $485. Thought it went back down, but guess not. When Thielert went defunct they quit renting them all together. Sweet thing is they'll let you take it wherever...Bahamas, Keys, New Orleans.
Based at KAPA

DA42 - 296/hr wet
PA44 - 196/hr wet

MEI - $40-$60

Are you using Aspen? I thought the whole point of that Twinstar was to make a cheaper twin? With the small amount of fuel it was supposed to burn where are the costs coming from? Don't they sell for about the same as a new Seminole?
In MN: Duchess for $198/hr and $208/hr + $40 instructor
IA: $220/hr for Duchess.

KEFD-220/hr wet for a beech be 76
-210 for a twin cougar not sure the model number

over at dutch it's alot cheaper, I think around 160 or 180 per hour
Piper Twin Comanche for about $169.00 just South of Grand Rapids, Mi. They rent it at a dry rate so it varies a little. That is a great price considering one place charges $157.00 for a DA40 with a G1000. 12 extra bucks for a twin.