Multi Engine Job needed B.S. Degree, 800TT

I graduated in May with a B.S. in Professional PIlot. I have my CFI/CFII Comm. MEL, SEL, Inst. King Air C90A time and Cessna Mustang time. I am looking for a multi engine pilot job. I am willing to move. Email me for my resume.

Thanks Christopher Rogers


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Things are quiet out there right now. I'm at 1200+ and about 200 multi and I can't really get my hands on anything either. Good luck to you.


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I have a friend of mine who is in his Sophmore year at KSU - Salina. He's hoping for a turbine spot soon. Job wise.... flight instructing is a great way to build experience, and the hours come along with it. You should focus more on getting ATP mins than your SJS.