Mother's Day Tomorrow


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Mother\'s Day Tomorrow

As May 11th soon approaches upon us, let's not forget that it is Mother's Day. Send your love to that special Mother.

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Re: Mother\'s Day Tomorrow

Thanks for the reminder
I bought my mom a nice spa package - manicure, pedicure and 1 hour hot stone message. She's been wanting this for a long time...she deserves it!


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Re: Mother\'s Day (Make it a day for HER!!)

DEFINATELY, send out those little hearts of love cuz you never know when mom will go to the better side (the side with no pain and all happiness!) least CALL your mom so she can HEAR your voice!! that makes such a BIG difference in their lives!!!!!!!

I wish i could send my mom some flowers - but all i can do is send my spirit to her and tell her mentally that i'm thinking of her and miss her terribly this time of year (actually all year!!)! if your mom has already gone to the "better" side - call your DAD!!!!! he'll absolutely adore you for calling on such a momentus day for HIM!!

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