More Delta Int'l expansion


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Some of the highlights:

ATL-Tokyo (2nd freq with 747)
Tokyo- Ho Chi Minh City

ATL-Johannesburg, Nairobi, Monrovia, Abuja, Luanda, Malabo, Lagos and Capetown.

JFK- Gothenburg and Valencia


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Delta International Additions Coming

Mo' innashnul for Delta:

SLC - Narita
JFK - Narita
ATL - Nairobi
ATL - Capetown/Dakar
JFK - Prague
JFK - Tel Aviv (an additional flight for a total of 2)

Delta to launch new international routes
Wednesday November 12, 1:01 pm ET
By Harry R. Weber, AP Airlines Writer
Delta to launch 15 new int'l routes in 2009; unclear if overall international capacity to rise

ATLANTA (AP) -- Fresh off its acquisition of Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines Inc., the world's biggest carrier, said Wednesday it plans to add 15 new international routes starting next spring, though it's unclear whether that will mean another year of big capacity growth outside the U.S. as the carrier will cut frequencies on other routes.

Many of the new Delta routes will be between the U.S. and Africa, Asia and Europe.

Several major carriers, including Delta, have raised ticket prices, added new or higher fees and made large cuts to domestic capacity this year. They've also said that due to the U.S. financial crisis that has hit many Americans hard they will make or are prepared to make further domestic capacity cuts next year.

And while the international field had been seen for years as a place for airlines to grow because of the premium they can charge for tickets, even Delta, which has seen a double-digit increase in international capacity in 2008, has started to slow down.

"They're selectively picking the winners and losers for international routes," Calyon Securities airline analyst Ray Neidl said. "It's not the time to be in expansion mode."

He said Delta and other carriers are scaling back frequencies on routes they can't develop quickly and are looking for new routes they can develop in a short amount of time.

In a memo to employees Wednesday, Glen Hauenstein, Delta's executive vice president of network planning and revenue management, said Delta's "smart international growth" has positioned the company well during tough economic times.

"This strategy is advanced by new opportunities created by our recent merger with Northwest, including the ability to deploy a more flexible fleet to take advantage of market dynamics around the world," he said.

Last month, a Delta executive said fourth-quarter international capacity growth would be about 2 percentage points less than previously expected, UAL Corp.'s United Airlines said 2009 international capacity would shrink 7 percent to 8 percent and the chief of AMR Corp.'s American Airlines said his carrier's international capacity would decline nearly 1 percent next year.

On Wednesday Delta did not provide international capacity expectations for 2009. Spokeswoman Betsy Talton said she couldn't say if the new international routes would lead to a net addition in international capacity next year, though she added Delta will be acquiring new long-haul aircraft next year. She said Delta is trimming international frequencies on certain routes at off-peak times and off-peak days throughout the winter.

"We'll still maintain our broad international scope," Talton said.

To that end, Atlanta-based Delta plans to use its $2.8 billion acquisition of Northwest, which it completed Oct. 29, to expand its reach around the world.

Delta, in its announcement Wednesday, said its international plans starting next year include adding three new nonstop trans-Pacific flights between the U.S. and Tokyo-Narita, Japan, including new nonstop flights from Salt Lake City and New York-JFK; new flights between Atlanta and Nairobi, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa, via Dakar, Senegal; and new flights from New York-JFK to Prague, Czech Republic, and Zurich, Switzerland. Among other additions, Delta said that it plans to add a second nonstop flight between New York-JFK and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Many of the new routes and frequencies, which are to be phased in starting in May, are subject to government approval.

Delta said it will improve connections to the world from its domestic hubs with 14.5 percent more total capacity between Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, New York and Memphis in January, compared with the prior year. Delta did not say how the additions would impact overall domestic capacity in 2009. It did say that hub-to-hub changes will mean replacing select regional jets with mainline equipment.


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You mean, according to a few on one side, the super dooper ultra mega premium 747's that should afford the skipper the opportunity to wear five gold stripes and all to curtsey in his presence? :)

Because, you know, anything smaller is just an RJ with extended range.


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LOL! Yeah, I did enough long range flying in the Navy. You can have it. I'd be happy to retire as a Delta domestic narrowbody guy. Of course, we'll keep an equal fence around SEA.


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Are you that afraid of me saying, "I know you're upset, but could you JUST GET THE FREAKING GEAR, Velo?" :)

Heavy amounts of :sarcasm:

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Woo hoo!

My "sushi - low level" light is illuminated!

I heard they are looking at Olso too.

And I'm surprised we are not flying to Warsaw yet either.

The JFK - Gothenburg flight will be full of automobile execs going from DTW and othr places to the Saab and Volvo factories.

The flights to Angola, Guinea, and Abuja, Nigeria I think are via SAL, Cape Verde Is. SAL is allegedly a great spot for windsurfing, kite boarding and surf-surfing. Hope we get 24 hour layovers in SAL. I heard we are gonna to Africa turns from SAL....these must be the cities they were talking about.


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Remember that chat we had over the N. Atlantic? No, not the one about the captain and his "preferences", but the one about changing bases? :)