Mesaba: Whew!


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Mesaba Pilots Agree to Negotiate Beyond Deadline Without Declaring a Strike
Saturday January 10, 12:38 am ET

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Captain Tom Wychor, chairman of the Mesaba pilots' unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, International, made the following announcement tonight shortly after 11:01 p.m. CST, the strike deadline in the Mesaba pilots' contract negotiations.
"Our negotiators have informed the Mesaba pilots' Master Executive Council
that they are making progress toward an agreement. They have requested
additional bargaining time, and our elected leaders have authorized this
extension in bargaining.

"In a show of good faith, we will suspend a strike for a limited amount of
time in hopes that the negotiating teams can bridge the remaining gaps in
the table positions.

"If we are unable to reconcile remaining differences with management
within a limited amount of time, we will declare a strike.

"We will provide further updates as they become available."