Mesa or TSA?


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Hey Everyone,

If you had a choice between flying for these two airlines, which would you pick and why?

Thats a toughy. Both have a mixed fleet of turboprops and Jets and both have not so good contracts. I hate to say this, but i would think mEsa would be the better bet. Youll get treated worse, BUT quicker upgrade and defintly a growing company that will probably be taking over the world.
Mesa has a worse reputation for treating people bad than Uncle Hoolie and his Hooligans?

This is news to me ....

My friends at TSA say they are ABUSED.
They both suck

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Great answer. I'm wondering when you worked at these airlines and what qualifies you to make this assessment. In fact, which 121 airline have you worked at?

So, jb, your advice would be to go to neither? Seems like sound career advice to me . . .

Anyway, Ray, I'll try to lend a little unqualified advice:

I don't know much about Mesa, other than what we all hear about their contract. Here's a few uneducated thoughts on Mesa:

Mesa PROS:
--They're big
--More bases
--Operate in a larger geographic area, serving more airports than TSA.
--Probably a quicker upgrade (not sure though)
--They will probably aquire some other, smaller regional. It might be better to be at Mesa than whomever they aquire.
--I think they'll be around for a long time and may soon rule the world

Mesa CONS:
--Very substandard contract
--Less pay than TSA
--Substandard work rules
--Lots of disrespect from other airline pilots (justified or not)

Thoughts on TSA:

--Very tight pilot group. Arguably the best group of pilots to fly with.
--Industry average pay.
--Industry average work rules.
--Recent, explosive growth.

--History of poor labor relations (this has improved lately)
--Codeshare with two unstable airlines UAL/USAir
--Only two pilot bases.
--Smaller route network
--The whole CQFO thing (if you don't know, don't ask. if you do know, that's all I need to say)
--Long upgrade. This should change with the new growth, but NOBODY leaves lately--just the guys that hit 60.

TSA has had a long and distinguished reputation of pilot abuse. This may still exist, but to a much lesser extent than the lore would have you believe. The MEC is pretty aggresive in this arena and certainly does not roll over. I think that labor relations continue to improve. We still have no 70-90 seat payscale. The MEC will not consider Mesa rates for these planes and would rather not fly them than fly them at those rates.

Anyway, good luck, let me know if I can do anything else.
It's my opinion. I'm sorry if I offended your employer. They (?) should be proud to have a spokesman like you on their behalf. I do not, nor have I had a desire to work for a REGIONAL 121 airline. So, you don't have to like my opinion, but that's what it is. I don't recall giving my advice, but since you're putting words in my mouth, here it is; "do what you have to do". If that means paying your dues for a few years at one of these carriers, then so be it. Take the good with the bad. I have manny colleges in this business and my information comes from their experiences. So, although your sarcastic tone is amusing, suck it up and loose the pride. Oh, and thanks for your "unqualified" and "uneducated" thoughts and "advice".
I think we can all agree that both corporate and regional 121 both have their good and suck aspects, respectively. Both jobs' quality comparisons depend on the employer; there's good corporate flight departments as well as bad ones; there's good/bad regional carriers. Both have their share of "bitch work" in their own distinct ways, as well as having fine points in their own ways. These good/bad points may not be one-for-one equal, but they're there.

Hell, military flying has a ton of bitch work compared to the amount of enjoyment.

Great answer, thanks! I had a feeling the TSA pilot group was pretty tight. That's a big item on my list, so I'm pleased to hear you mention it.

IThanks for your input. If there's anything else, I'll let you know.


You're entitled to your opinion. It's just frustrating that when someone turns to this group for help, instead of trying to help them, you slam both of their options by acting rude and ignorant. In your opinion, they may both suck. In reality they may both suck, but that's not what he asked. So instead of helping Ray and adding something inteligent to the converstaion, you made a decision to insult him by posting what you did. You should apologize to him.

I added the "uneducated" and "unqualified" comments to qualify my remarks as possibly not representative of all the facts, but as an attempt to share the painfully small amount I know (or think I know).

It's rude to slam someone's job. I hope that everyone takes a little pride in where they work. Would you tell someone their employer sucks to their face? Would you still tell them that if you're trying to get on their jumpseat?

I won't follow your advice and "loose the pride." I remain proud of the people I work with, the job we do, and the way we do it.
Uhhhhhh, yeah,,,,,,,ok. Are you done? Cause I am. I should've know you'd continue the rant, talking but saying nothing. To answer your question, if someone asked me what I thought of their employer, I would certainly tell them the truth. You're really annoying me now, so I'm going to leave it at that and go look at some other topics.

I used to work at TSA as a CSA. Although the company had many problems, the people I worked with were some of the best around. The pilots and flight attendants were a great group of people. Some of my best memories of college were being in STL for some type of ramp training, and the nights out at Final Ds (now moved!
), Schooners at the HoJo, or some pilots/FAs pad with dirt cheap beer.

If you are looking for a tight pilot group, you'll find it there.
Thanks Matt, appreciate your input. Gives me a good answer to the Why TSA question they're gonna ask me at the interivew!

Thanks Matt, appreciate your input. Gives me a good answer to the Why TSA question they're gonna ask me at the interivew!


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Curiously, are these two airlines you have upcoming interviews with?
Yes sir. Both in the next 2 weeks.


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Good luck to you, my friend!
Just curious as to how long it took for the interviews from the time you sent in resumes? How many hours you have (ballpark) to be competitive, etc. I am approaching 700 TT and am trying to figure out the next step. I have 10 months left in the Navy (flight instructor part time), then I am hoping I can get on with Airnet, Chicago Express, Mesa, whoever is hiring at that point that I qualify for and getting all information possible.

By the way, not sure if you have ever checked out this web site aviation interviews but definitely something to look in to if you want more information.

Hey tx,

I started my job search / resume preparation / information gathering back in Oct 2003. I sent out about 20 resumes, mostly to nationals and jet operators. I then went about making contacts at various places, you know, the whole networking thing and getting LORs. Both Mesa and Trans States have had my applications since about the middle of December, so it took approximately 4 weeks to hear back.

I have 2450 TT, 1425 Multi and around 275 turbine. I'm also current Part 135 on turbine equipment, and have ATP.

I have been very fortunate that it has gone so quickly. I was expecting 6 months to a year for my job search. I recommend you start getting your stuff out there a good 6 months before you get out of the Navy. If you don't have contacts at the airlines, then sending in a resume that does not meet minimums will probably not go very far. If you have contacts or you meet their minimums, then send it in ASAP. So the idea is, make some contacts if you don't have them already. It makes the process go SO much faster, especially for low-timers.

Mesa is hiring like crazy right now due to some very rapid expansion and their minimums are 1000 TT and 100 multi. Most other places are looking for 1500TT and 300-500 multi. Not sure how much time you will get during the next 10 months, but these are the ballpark figures.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, and Good luck!