Merry Christmas and Thank You


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I wanted to thank everyone once again for all the wonderful goodies you helped in bringing to us here is Kuwait and Iraq. I sent a clipboard around the office for everyone here to express thier graitiude for your generosity and here is what the folks here had to say.

Thank you for your support. It is very hard to be gone over the holidays but knowing we have support like you have shown really helps. Flying in this region offers some great challenges. Thanks again.
CW5 Robert Reuter
Detachment CDR.

Thanks for your thoughtful gifts. It's great to know of the support we have back home. We could not succeed in our mission without the support of organizations and people like you. Good luck with your aviation careers.
CW5 Duane Dillingham
Detachment XO

Thanks so much for the packages. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
CW4 Brad Robbins
Det Operations Officer

Thanks for the great care packages and your continued support of the troops in SW Asia
CW4 Ron Peterson
Det Maintenance Officer

The care package you sent over was well appreciated by all of us here. I expecially loved the oatmeal, they do not know how to make it here. Thanks
CW4 Rovert Vetscher
Det Safety Officer

Thank you guys for your support, I am very proud of my friends at Jetcareers. It was a wonderful feeling opening and sharing the care packages, it was also very humbling to be cared for by such great people who out of the generosity of thier hearts shared what little they had. What you have done has made a REAL difference for those of us over here away from our families and friends at this time of the year. You've all done a great thing. Many thanks.
CW3 Jim McMahon
Det Standardization Pilot

We sincerely appreicate the support and care packages sent to us. Your thoughts and generosity reinforce our commitment to serving and protecting the freedom we all enjoy. We admire and appreciate the sacrafices you are making to achieve and make aviation a career. It has many rewards and challenges, and wish you all the best.
CW3 Richard Harding
Det Information Officer

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. Your support means a lot to us and makes the Holidays a little easier for us to deal with. I hope you enjoy your Holidays, as will we.
SFC Todd Hovland
Det Operations NCOIC

Thank you so much for the incredible care packages you sent us. It was very nice of your organization to support us while we're over here.

SGT Stephanie Larson
Det Opereations SGT

Thank you very much for your support along with all the goodies.
SPC Joshua Ramsay
Det Operations Specialist