Medical Qualification ?


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I just got done reading that high blood pressure will cause you to fail the FAA Medical Exam, is this true? And also that pilots for the most part cannot take medication at all? What about Advil, like if you have a headache in the middle of a long flight? Anyways just curious, thanks a lot guys!
With reguards to the meds (which is what kills medicals fast, not conditions), the FAA has problems with terminal perscription meds. Like I'm on an inhaler every day for the rest of my life, and a few pills for my asthma and some other issues. I'll be on them for the rest of my life, and it got my first medical denied. Will I die if I don't take them? Probably not, but they make my quality of life better. That's what is the real killer, not Advil.


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AA, are you a member of AOPA? If so, you can go to their web site for a comprehensive list of meds that are approved by the Feds.

Having high blood pressure will not necessarily keep you from obtaining a medical. If you must use a med to treat the problem, make sure that your doc uses a med that is on the approved treatment list by the FAA.
I disagree. I understand what you are saying but I think in this case AOPA has the information public on the website and much more information than just that to help out pilots. Nothing wrong with using them as a reference. That is the purpose of the organization.
Not to be a D*ck here, but if you are talking about copying anything from the AOPA website to a non-member, that type of activity is not supproted nor condoned on this website (speaking from experience not "for Doug"), and as a PAYING AOPA Member, I take offense to it. If AA really needs to know what is contained in the list, and hopes to progress in his aviation career, maybe he should join AOPA. Huh?

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Wow! No one said anything about copying anything from either a public or a non-public website. Where did you read that?

I stand by my statement in an earlier post that there is a lot of anger in these threads and I still don't understand why.
He read that in EricT's post,(before he obviously edited it out). EricT said (paraphrased) "If you are not a member of AOPA, email me and I will send you the list that I download from AOPA." Sounds like a member of AOPA using his membership to give their service away to me!
Apparently Eric edited his post prior to you reading it. I just don't see why I should pay for information that other members are just going to give away for free! I wasn't being mean or nasty (or angry!). Since that is the case I am going to delete my post so I dont continue to get blasted.

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I didn't know it was possible to edit a post already submitted. I'm not so sure if I like that function - especially because it's caused my confusion.
Eric was for sure just being helpful without malice but I see your point, CMartin.
Folks, I am glad to see that this discussion has had some lively debate. I understand CMARTIN's concerns, hence I edited the post. The good news is that no intellectual property owned by AOPA was lost. More importantly, I was able to find another site which is probably more suited to the needs of AA.

Howerver, I find it ironic that there are other posts on this site, which directly quote information obtained and published by AOPA for it's members. For some reason, they did not raise the same concerns.

I think that we can all agree that within this community there is an inherent intent to help those in search of information. With this spirit in mind, it is my hope that the correct information can be published which provides the insight that people are looking for. I understand that there is cost associated with obtaining information and publishing it to its members.

However, I feel that it is more important to keep this spirit alive with the exchange of information and the recruitment of new members in a positive manner. Part of this recruitment process may cost a little. As folks read this forum, they will have a better understanding of some of the outstanding services AOPA provides and will migrate towards membership. In the long run, we all win as the organization becomes stronger.

That is my soap box. Thanks for listening...