Material for oral test?


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I was just curious to know if getting the writtens done before I arrive is really a good idea. I have the Kings dvd courses, will I have the knowledge needed to pass the oral test with the examiner?

What has been your experiences with the oral test? Where you at all rusty when the oral came along? Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks again!!
Hi Aviator,
I am a graduate and would very much recommend you finish the writtens prior to start date.
THe reason is that you have so much to do durring training that it would be nice to have this out of the way.
I had done them prior to training and still had a hard time getting on track.
They give you a CFI pretest which took me about a month and the regalar daily quizes. So do them before.
Good luck!
Do yourself a huge favor and complete all or most of the writtens, and know EVERYTHING in the Seminole supplement before you arrive. With emphasis on the engine failure checklists and gear down before landing checklist-you'll be required to memorize these anyway. The pace is reasonable when you have that done. Your first week will be very busy, expect a multi checkride 7-8 days after arrival.

I had the supplement memorized and all the writtens but CFI done when I arrived, and have really enjoyed the program. The first week goes so much better when you have the background knowledge of the aircraft down cold-speeds, checklists, etc. You will have daily quizzes to complete, and a Citation systems video and systems test to complete during this time, so I was still busy. For the oral exams, use the provided oral exam guides and talk to the other students and CFIs about what the examiners ask. My experiences so far are this: advance preparation and study pay huge dividends. You don't get rusty because you are constantly studying!