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For those who are married, how well as the training worked while married? Are there plenty of apartments complexes that are affordable, how tough has it been?

I arrived here married, and still am.

Being married does not hinder training whatsoever. It keeps you out of trouble and focused on your training because your spouse is constantly breathing down your neck telling you to hurry up and get a job.

We bought a place when we moved down. Most couples rent appartments of which there is a plethera of.

Obviously I am unaware of your financial situation. There is a lot of "subsidized' housing available, some of it in very nice locations. If interested, I can get you the name and number of the place that I drive by every day. It is located in Vero, in a very nice area. Has a pool, lake, etc. To qualify, you must make under a set yearly income.

Let me know if I can help.
Windchill, tell me a price range and I can tell you an apartment around the area for yourself. I'm over here in vero at florida apartment club which is nice but is a bit pricey.

Ok...I'm being lazy and not searching deeper to find the answer, as I am sure its here.

Do you get any credit on your training if you don't use school-provided housing?
Any of you that are married have a child as well? I am hoping to attend next year when I get back from Iraq. I am having problems trying to figure out just how much money I'm gonna need per month. I am going to use my VA benefits, so that should cut down the loan a lot. What's the cost of living for the basics down in Florida, I'm from Washington, and I can live quite comfortably off what the Army pays.