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After looking at the options, weighing the pros and cons, I am really leaning toward ATP for the Airline Career Pilot Program.

Should I go this route I would do it through the Manassas (Wash, DC) location because it's more or less home--my fiance's family lives down the street from Manassas Regional.

Wondering if anyone has info on what the fleet is at Manassas, how many instructors, how busy and how well the program has been run at Manassas?

Also, where is/are the Citation(s) kept and do you fly down to 'em or are they brought to your training center, I don't imagine they have one at each location.

The only downside I could see to ATP is the quickness of the program and does one learn or memorize, but on the flip side when it comes to training it helps to have something lighting a fire under ones butt to keep going.

Between the multi experience, particularly if one can instruct with them following ACPP, how quick one can go from pilot to CFI everything on the way to a regional. And that I don't have to leave home.
Hey there Windchill,

It sounds like you are putting a lot of thought in deciding your training. You have some great questions as well.

The fleet at Manassas (HEF) is primarily newer seminoles, with the dual Garmin 430's. Very nice planes.

That location has 4 instructors and they stay pretty busy. Students are the priority.

The Citation is kept in JAX, and you may very well fly down for your ride, or you may pick it up at another location. It all depends on dispatch and where you are when your ride comes up.

As far as the quickness of the program... Everyone learns differently. For me it was the best way to do it. After researching how the airlines train, I realized that ATP's program is very similiar, and I wanted to be prepared for that environment. I also wanted a program where I was using the skills that I learned daily.

One other note... I was like you and was lucky enough to attend the program close to home. (Dallas) If the money is right, the training is right, and the location is close to home... you can't beat it. Especially if you get the opportunity to instruct with ATP in your hometown.

Lastly, I'm sure you already have done it... but if you haven't, take some time and review some of the earlier posts in the ATP forum. Lot's of great information can be found here from both current students and instructors, as well as prospective students like yourself.

Good luck in your decision.