Low time carriers?


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Hey, I know about Mokulele and Pacific Wings but does anybody else know of any other carriers that will hire low timers <500TT? Thanks!


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are they really hiring people with <500 hours??? I have a CSEL with ~320 hours and everyone basically says "get ur CFI"


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are they really hiring people with <500 hours??? I have a CSEL with ~320 hours and everyone basically says "get ur CFI"

Browse these forums and do some work, there are definitely opportunities out there for commercial pilots with under 500 hrs.

As for "are they really hiring people...". I don't work for them. Why don't you give em a ring on the telephone or something?

Colin Levy

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If you feel like making a big move, try Star Marianas Air in the Pacific Islands. I started there and still know (and talk to) plenty of guys there. It takes certain person to live there, but you get hours super quick and it cost nothing to live there.


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Check out SeaPort Airlines. I got hired with less than 500tt and no CFI. Air Choice One just hired my good buddy with 300ish and no CFI.

I never had a desire to get my CFI and there are jobs out there that don't require it to build your time. Just do some searching!


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You will likely need a CMEL for most of those. CSEL is rather limited in value.

Oh, and it is spelled "Your", not "ur".
That damn English Proficiency endorsement.

Like others said, you can fly survey without a CFI but it can be a tough lifestyle for a couple years. I honestly never thought I wanted to be a CFI, but the circumstances I was in at the time made it the best option I thought. I can't say I liked it all that much but I'll be forever glad I did it. If anything just to be able to prove to myself I could go into that check ride and come out with a pass.


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There are also places in Alaska that take low time guys. I got started flying freight in the right seat of the CASA, then moved to the left seat of the 207, and now I am right seat in the SAAB. It has taken me less than two years to go from 250tt to a regional.


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Alaska is awesome, though it's not for everyone.

CFIing is also awesome, though it's important to remember that you're holding the lives of your students in your paws, as well as the lives of all their passengers ever. It's nothing to dick around with or take lightly.

SeaPort in the lower 48 is often hiring for FO positions, though at the moment I believe we're mostly—if not exclusively—looking for CAs.

I will say this, though: Getting your CFI and doing some instruction is almost certain to be the best option. It's one certificate that's perpetually useful, and teaching is a fantastic way to cement a solid understanding of a subject. You might be surprised at what you only thought you knew.



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Im currently in a CFI program in SoCal and now I know that I do not want to be a CFI. I feel as if I can do it but my heart wouldn't be in it and I don't think that would be fair to the student..But I do like that I've learned alot in the weeks I've been studying for the CFI/CFII


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CFI ride is the hardest checkride you'll ever take....If you can pass that you can pass any checkride
Unless you go the Turbojet Flight Engineer route. Then THAT becomes the hardest checkride that you'll ever take. (Of course most people have more common sense to get a useless rating. Right?)