lost logbook advice...


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Long story short, I cant find any of my logbooks and the wife says she might have thrown them out not realizing what they were. I am supposed to get my ATP with a PIC type in the very near future. I have around 2000TT. I am having trouble finding answers. Any options for me to prove that I have the time so I can move forward with the certificate and type rating??


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If you have an 8710 from your last checkride you can at least prove you have that much time


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Not sure what to tell you other than you now have a heck of a lot of bargaining power in your relationship! ;-}


what had happened was...
When was your last medical? I normally guesstimate but it asks for your times. Call your AME and get a copy of it.


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Your last 8710 will help along with typing up a statement with your estimated times and having it notarized. I hate that this has happened to you and know how it feels to lose flight time. I have a slight mess with my times to but I do still have my log with all my fixed wing time in it. It may be time to look at an electronic log! I am getting one soon.