Looking to Time Build! - Anywhere in US.

Mike Wise

I'm looking to travel as well as build time. I can meet you anywhere in the US, looking to build time in a SE! Send me details if you're interested!

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Always down out here in SFO...but planes are $155/hr at the local school so...even split they aren't cheap!
Wow, 110 bucks an hour, I had to check this one out for myself. Don't kid yourselves, fellow airmen. You will get what you pay for at this school. These airplanes (the ones that still work, anyways) are not pretty birds. The program seems decent however, and a great deal if you are willing to take the risk.
Love the Apache. Fine airplane you have.
A C172 with a 160HP engine if at the bottom of the green arc and leaned properly can do about 5.5-6.0 gph. At $5 per gallon that's only $30 an hour.
Yup! So if you're building time there's no need to haul a$$ at 2500 rpm. Running up the tach time and the fuel.