Loadmaster Job (Lynden Air Cargo)


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Any previous loadmasters, or folks who've worked for Lynden Air Cargo on JC?

Based on the job description I believe I'm qualified.... I have basic W&B knowledge from my flight training (commercial multi/single/instrument), as well as having completed numerous A319 "Loading Schedule & Trim Sheets" while studying for my Dispatcher Cert. Qualifications essentially state basic mathematical, reasoning, and communications skills are required. Their training should adequately prepare me for the Loadmaster Certificate of Qualification exam.

I know very little about Lynden Air Cargo however. In-fact, nothing more than what wikipedia says. Anyone have any inside information/opinion regarding the job quality/management at Lynden Air?

The job has been available since 4/27/2012, which seems like a fairly long time, considering the entry-level qualifications. Is this position that undesirable?


Additional info regarding my situation:
I just graduated from college/flight training. I'm a very low time pilot (230hrs) looking for a non-flying job until flying positions begin opening up again next spring. I plan to continue to build hours on the side, potentially getting my CFI.


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I used to know a check airman there... Seems like a good company there is a bonus pay system so the pay is a bit better than what's on APC for pilots.Lots of work in crazy places, moving equipment to the 'Stans, they are doing some airlifting for an oil contract in PNG, flying crates of live ammo to Switzerland. Most of they're employees come from AK although there's a good number from the lower 48. Sorry it's not a lot, dont know if there is anyone on these forums working there. All I got, don't know much about loadmasters good luck!