Letter from FAA about "history"


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Sigh ...

In August of 2008, I visited an AME for the purposes of obtaining a First Class Medical certificate. The AME went thru my history, did not see any issues that would stop me from getting a medical, and my First Class was issued to me that day by him. Today, December 13, 2008, I received a letter from the FAA's Aerospace Medical Certification Division about that application. It states, in part, "Due to your history of depression please submit a current status report from your treating physician...." wanting present treatment, medications, dosage, frequency, prognosis, blah blah blah.

First off, there isn't a "history of depression". When I was 16 or so (12 years ago), I BRIEFLY took anti-depressant medication for "seasonal depression". That lasted MAYBE a month or so, then I quit. Since then, I have had no issues, and been using no medications whatsoever on a regular basis (Yes, this was all reported on my medical application). I think the only medications I have used since then was Vicodin (sp?) after a motorcycle wreck and a broken collar bone, and Motrin on rare occasions for a muscle ache or such. So basically, I take no medications at all.

Second, I do not have a "treating physician". As I said, I was at the AME in August, but other than that I can not remember the last time I was even at my family doctor, I dont like them. I dont have a need, so I dont go.

Should I simply make an appointment with my family doctor and have him prepare a statement, or ...... ?? What should my next course of action be?


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Just curious, had you previously reported treated depression to the FAA? I'm just wondering how they find out about these things due to my interest in the medical-ethical side of things!