Let us see how Pan Am performs ...UPDATE!!


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As of 7/16/2002....Pan Am has withheld my money for the contracted 60 days. Today is the 60th day and at 9:36a.m., I called Pan Am at Ft. Pierce and requested to speak to someone regarding the return of my money. Of course I was put on hold and then transferred to the "appropriate" person. To my surprise, I got the voice mail. /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif I left a message for this person to call me back as soon as possible that my 60 days were up and I was ready to come and get my $500.00 deposit. The time is now 12:30 p.m. and I have heard nothing at all. Hummm..one would think that 60 days plus 12 hours would be plenty of time to get my account straight and return my money. We will see, right now I am assuming that the staff is enjoying lunch, so I will make another attempt at 1:10 p.m. allowing 10 extra minutes for food to settle and people to get to their respective job positions. I will update this post later on today. STAY TUNED!!!

1:10 p.m. Second try to reach a real person at Pan Am. Once again, got voice mail.... /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif Left yet another message to return phone call ASAP !!! Will keep calling 10 minutes after each hour until I get some type of response. STAY TUNED !!!

I had enrolled at Pan Am and was scheduled to start in late January. After learning that I could no longer train 141 I decided to go elsewhere. I cancelled my loans and requested my deposit back just before my enrollment date. All I had to do was to fax a written request to the person that dealt with such things (cant recall who now). I had my deposit back in about a week. No problems at all. Not sure why you have been stuck in the process... Perhaps a accounting or paperwork error?
2:10 p.m. Called once again....same ole same ole. Left yet another message on the voice mail. Hung up and called back again and asked if the person I am trying to contact is in the office...was told that she was but she was doing an orientation, they could have told me that in the first place to avoid repeated calls. I asked to be transferred to someone else, this could not happen as the person I need to speak with is the only one who can handle the situation at this time.
Remember that brick wall I referred to in a few of my original posts? Its happening again.
ACA_DIA, did you happen to go through Key Bank for your loan? How far into the training did you get and which campus did you attend? These are all factors that are important in getting your money back. In my case, there is no paper error, Pan Am is just being its greedy self. The staff even went so far as to tell me that Pan Am will sit on my money until my 60 days are up, they even told me it was none of my business what they did with MY money. Stuff like that really makes my ass red !!! I will keep posting.

2:30 p.m., phone rang and it was Pan Am. The lady stated that she had spoken to the girl who audited my account (The one who told me it was none of my business what Pan Am did with my money). Said papers were sent to my address and she could not give me any details as the girl who audited my account was not really obligated to tell her the details. So for right now, it is still and wait and see game. I am still looking forward to discussing "things" with "Divot". I did sign a paper stating that I did not want my deposit mailed to me, that I would come and pick it up. They will probably mail it anyway, I guess I will have to wait and see. Stay Tuned.

ACA_DIA, I just re-read your post...I am assuming that the only money Pan Am got from you was your deposit. They never had the chance to set up an account for your training money. Correct me if I am wrong, but they really never got their greedy hands on your money did they??

The money was set to them from Key, but it had never been dispursed. So beyond my depsit they never had direct access to the big money.
I thought your post was refering to the $500 application depsit. Im in no way disputing your experience with the school. I was just commenting on how Pan Am dealt with my depost return.

If you have yet to receive the deposit back and you have it in ink that it was to be returned under what ever conditions simply head to the county court house and file in small claims. Not sure about Florida, but it probably costs you nothing and more than likely if your claim us legit you will have the deposit back asap once the other party sees a suit has been filed.

Sorry to hear about your experience...

Did you do any training there or did you bail out just prior like I did?
Ok...Thats what I thought. They didn't have the chance to really bleed you like a stuck pig. If you go to the post "BEWARE PAN AM" you will be able to read the entire story of my experience with them. I hope you have continued with your training, you definately dodged a bullet by not attending Pan Am.
I did go on to get my PPL, it took me longer because of the situation but I was determined to get at least one rating before I fired Pan Am.
Since then, I have completed my Multiengine add-on at ATP and had a great experience, went off without a hitch. I am still skeptical about signing another training contract, Pan Am pretty much ruined my idea of the "BIG SCHOOL" but if I decide to attend another school like that, it will definately be one like ATP.
Mean while, I will sit here and lick my wounds, chalk it up to a lesson learned and go on about my merry way and continue the rest of my training...Warning everyone about Pan Am of course...LOL.

Once you started your PPL training didnt your deposit then go into your account for training?

I really wanted to train under 141 so thats why I changed schools. I ended up back at my first pick FSI. Im on my final phase here working on my CFI.

Glad ATP is working out for you.
Doug...sorry no update yet...now I am waiting on the mail....so you know as much as I do at this point. Sorry. I will definately keep the forum updated.

Yes, I am sure the deposit went into my account for training, thats probably why they kept it the entire 60 days, no use on letting $500.00 worth of interest squeek by them. God knows I could have used it...but hey...thats MY problem.

you ever go to the supermarket and there's that old man in front of you in the line holding up everything because he's bitching about a $1.50 that he was overcharged on his groceries. I always want to just give the old bastard the money so he'll quit he's complaining and move on so i can buy my banana peppers. save me time, and help him stop looking like an ass.
/ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/ooo.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/ooo.gif WOW!!!
ALRIGHT!!! Finally some Pan Am puke that is willing to reimburse my stolen money !!! Somehow I just don't see YOU giving me $1500 + $2000 + all the interest I have paid. There is quite a difference in complaining about $1.50 and well over 4K. If it is sooo petty, and my posts are holding you back, and you want satisfaction, why don't YOU give me the money back??? I didn't think so.
By the way, no one is forcing you to view these posts and reply to them. If they bother you soo much, DON'T READ THEM !! If you don't have anything productive or intelligent to add to the conversation....BUTT OUT !!!
Maybe if I came down there and took YOUR money and then rubbed it in your face that I took it, you just might have a different opinion about this whole situation.
Know one thing, Pan Am stole money from me, I intend on getting it back in some shape or form. Pan Am hit my money pretty hard, I think I owe it to them to do the same right back. Yes, I am just as tired of posting about Pan Am as you are hearing about it, but I haven't got my satisfaction yet. No rest for the weary!! You really haven't added anything important or intelligent to this thread. So if you don't want to hear it, go somewhere else !! Unlike Pan Am, I won't charge you, should you decide to leave !! SO GO EAT YOUR BANANA PEPPERS SONNY !!!
Banana peppers? it's a florida thing alright, next you know the mangos will come mixed in with the chili-beans and the apples will have hot-sauce or something crazy. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

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FL, are you taking action now against pan am for breech of the 60 day deal?

Whats the story on that?