Just visited UND....WOW


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I visited UND last week w/ my father. A bit on the chilly side (-52 w/ wind chill) but that doesn't mean anything really. The school is great...dorms are good size, blah, blah, blah.


These facilities had me practically foaming at the mouth. I've been to a couple of schools w/ aviation majors (Ohio State, Western Michigan, Kent State) but nothing even came close to this. The aircraft were practically brand new...most w/ GNS 430s....amazing. AND YOU HAVE A CHEYENNE! A FREAKIN CHEYENNE!!! Even if you aren't using if for training now, I understand you will in the future. SIGN ME UP!!!

The people in North Dakota are awesome...alot better than these caustic, bitter, sarcastic people here in the "great" state of New York.

LOL...got my acceptance letter to ERAU while I was gone...told them to %&$* off. I'm going to UND.

Great school!
North Dakotans are really nice peopleand it is always cold in the winter.

That is great that you liked their program. Hope you choose to go there, I think it is well worth the price.