jetBlue to open application window for one day...


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jetBlue is going to open the application window for one day this coming Monday: August 27th, 2012 at 12:01 a.m.

LINK to the Application Site

It's a great airline to work for... good people, good crews. (Except for the normal 5%) The 'reserve' lifestyle is not that bad. (Yes, there is 'airport standby.') Bases are: JFK, BOS, MCO, FLL, and LGB. From what I hear, it's kind of hard to get into MCO right now, but people are moving between the others easier. Lots of movement, aircraft orders, and etc. (I'm just a 'pilot' so I don't know all the details of the lifestyle. But, I hear less grousing here than at any other airline I've worked for.)

If you like to give good customer service, please apply! (Click on the link above, make a personal profile, and fill out everything... also, if you know anyone at jetBlue at the end of the app you will get an email about how to have internal peeps write you a recommendation. Which is a good thing, they take those very seriously!)


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Very cool! I hope their servers don't implode... could be substantial response to the listing!