JetBlue pilots charged with attack on cab driver


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JetBlue pilots charged with attack on cab driver

Two from JetBlue charged with theft, assault on driver

<DL class=byline>By Joel Marino | South Florida Sun-Sentinel <DD>October 1, 2008 </DD></DL>FORT LAUDERDALE - Unwilling to pay their cab fare, two commercial airline pilots punched the cab driver in the face, kicked him while he was on the ground, then fled, police said.

William Hart Smith, 40, and Brad Leopard, 38, both Fort Lauderdale residents, were arrested Monday and charged with battery and petty theft in the assault, which happened on Aug. 12.

The men are JetBlue pilots. An airline spokesman would not say if the company is taking any action against the duo.

Authorities say the pilots and another unidentified man hailed the cab around 2 a.m. after leaving the Solid Gold stripclub. A fourth man who did not know the trio also took the taxi at the same time, police records show.
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<!-- END rail -->The cab's driver, Juan Martin, 51, of Miami, took the crew to a Subway shop on North Federal Highway after the pilots said they were hungry.

The men then told Martin to drive them to the beach, but they gave conflicting directions, according to a police report.

Martin stopped the cab in the 4000 block of State Road A1A, police said. He asked the three men to exit the taxi, but he chased after them when they walked away without paying the fare.

That's when the pilots began to punch and kick the driver, according to police documents.

Police say the other man who accompanied the pilots did not harm Martin; the fourth man witnessed the attack and gave police a description of the men.,0,4935028.story

Sucks to have this plastered all over the news. They'll be paying for it enough if they have wives.:D


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Dear Dough,
I'm thinking of going to Jet U, are pilots going to beat me up if I wear my "future regional pylot" shirt around town?


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Maybe as a taxicab driver, he threatened to undercut the fares they charge. Said he could drive people cheaper than what JBU charges.


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We have pilots mooning people and we have pilots beating up people. What is going to be next?


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Well, CAL did the "ex wife in a wood chipper" thing already so we've got a long way to go!


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If the cab driver kicked me out I wouldn't pay either. Not that I woulda gone kung fu on his ass.


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FAA Inspector by day, cab driver at night. They had failed their line check. As a result upon losing their jobs wifey left, and boys decided to get %** faced at a strip club. OWNED! Good scenario for FOX Reality. LOL Wish there was a youtube video!!


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I have a cab driver that owes ME money...when I was in Navy school in Pensacola few years back, there was a cab driver that we frequently hired to take us downtown. One time she couldn't break a 20 (I think the fare was something like 25-30 or so) and I gave her 40 dollars but I told her that tomorrow night we get at least 10 bucks discount. Comes tomorrow night she was like "I asked my boss, he said I don't have to give you a discount because of that..." and of course as much as I felt like giving her a black eye :D I managed to hold myself and get another cab...stupid bitch :D


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Here's how it probably went down. The pilots were drunk and annoying the cabbie. He told them to get out. The did and refused to pay the fare. The cabbie then chased after them and probably threw the first punch and the pilots went into self defense mode.