Is Embry Riddle University #1?


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I been asking myself how shall I use my angle of attack to contruct my path into Commercial Aviation? I am in Ohio right now and Embry Riddle is in Florida. O was thinking of going to Kent State University for aviation training. Although, I am getting quite a scare currently. I do not think KSU will bring me out on top like Embry would. If I don't get into Embry Riddle does anyone else know any Great Programs in Ohio and othersaccross the country that Rival Embry Riddle? I am ready to go anywhere and everywhere to get the best I can get.

Kevin, Do yourself a favor check out the University of North Dakota. I am originaly from Indiana, and 5 years ago I was in your shoes. I choose to come to UND and I am very glad I did.

I visited and looked into many schools before I made my decision. Purdue, Ohio State, Lewis University, LA Tech, And Riddle.

I'm not dumping on these programs, they are all very good. However, I firmly belive UND is the best. (I realize I am quite biased)

My advice: Check out as many schools as you can. This is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Make sure the school you choose is right for you, and your goals. You would be surprised how many people choose a school, and the first time they see the campus is the day they move in. Narrow down your list to 6 or less, then take the time to visit each campus. Talk to people who go to school there, find out what they really think.

You can go to almost any chat room/discussion group about avaition and you will find people bashing their own flight school. These are the people that never really did there homework and they made a uninformed decision. Don't let that happen to you.

Good luck to you
If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask

p.s. Check out &

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As long as you have a college degree, where you get your training doesn't make the least bit of difference to an airline. They are gonna look to see the quality/amount of time you've logged. If you need a college degree, the advantage that these 4 year schools DO have is simply networking. You'll be attending classes with lots of people who have the same long term goals that you do, and you WILL encounter them again and again throughout your career.
Good luck
Hi, UND CFII, I am getting accepted to Western Michigan University, but do you think a 2.8 cummulative gpa would get me into UND I had a 22 on ACT. Just what you think, or if you know people that have. I'm still trying to decide which school I really want to go to.. And Oh yeah, I know that UND has some jet and turboprop planes,, do you get to flyt them??

I know this doesn't answer the question at all, but one thing that I did notice, and like very much was the fact that you get to fly all 4 years, and all your basic classes are geared towards aviation. This is very exiting for me, because I am also considering WMU for their great aviation program, the only drawback is that I wont be in a plane for 2 years, and the basic classes are not going to be interesting to me all.

I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter, and if all goes well, then I hope to enter their next fall.
I say follow your dreams and go where you feel that you will be most happy. I know that there are plently Universities that offer excellent flight programs. Go where your heart is and if that is Embry-Riddle, by all means do what you can to get there. It will make a lot of difference in the end because this will keep your spirits up and allow you to perform better in school, well that is my opinion anyway.
Yeah, in price.

Seriously though, Futureleader has got it right. If it feels like you should be there, then by all means go. Don't let the nay-sayers get to you.
I went to Riddle (there's one in AZ ya know! ) and now I'm at WMU....the only difference I can see so far (haven't flown with Western yet) is that at Riddle you are completely immersed in's awesome! Practically everyone on campus is making it a lifestyle or at least a hobby (for the engineeering grads). I'm lucky if I find one or two friends in my flight classes that are as hyped up about it as EVERYONE at Riddle was. I really miss the atmosphere there.
Now here's something I'd agree with. If there is one thing at ERAU I've appriciated it's the fellow students I've met here...(the guys, the girls are all...well go read the other thread). I've met many a cool person and made quite a few friends that will be there with me my entire life. Not to mention the obcession with flying we all share is a strong bond on its own. Location sucks though

A bit more on topic...and before I say more I hope u get the school u want! Anyways, just make sure you choose whats right for you. I met alot of riddle people before coming here, talked to alot of airline people (my uncle is a Delta Captain) and definitaly did my research. While I still hate Prescott, I know that after I'm done here I'll look back knowing I did the right thing. So just remember, there's no time in life for regrets so do what is gonna make you happy and be the best for ya!
Purdue University could be the #1 aviation school in the country. We may not have as big of a program as ERAU or UND, but we do have quality.
Purdue University could be the #1 aviation school in the country. We may not have as big of a program as ERAU or UND, but we do have quality.

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See, I just don't think that could happen. A lot of places have quality, but Purdue doesn't push the numbers that UND and ERAU put out. As soon as Purdue stops restricting how many avit students it has, then maybe it can be considered up in the ranks of UND and ERAU.
Purdue has to keep the numbers down to keep the quality up. Let me give you some examples:

Only 72 people are allowed into the junior class every year:
All juniors in flight get about 10 hrs in the right seat of the Purdue King Air 200s.

We have two 727 full motion simulators (Obviously restricts the amount of people). A Boeing 737-800 Level FTD is on the way.

Purdue selects 10 students a year to go and get a part 61 copilot signoff to fly in the right seat of the Purdue Beechjet. Each copilot has been averaging about 30-40 hrs.

I dont know what Riddle or UND has, but thats why Purdue has to keep the numbers down.

Purdue University could be the #1 aviation school in the country. We may not have as big of a program as ERAU or UND, but we do have quality.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not bashing Purdue, I loved going there. I was a EE major while there, but took a couple aviation classes (including the private pilot ground school) before deciding to change majors to aviation and transfer to UND. While ground school at Purdue was good, I found UND's to be a lot better. It's a much more challenging course here and I have picked up a lot more knowledge including some topics that weren't really covered at Purdue. Just a quick observation having been to both schools and taken the same class at both.
Is that your car??

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Yes it is. ^_^

As for Purdue being #1, I dunno. I worked with a guy at an FBO that did the Aviation program there and he seemed happy with it, but still like this other dude is saying. Riddle has the numbers and the quality. Maybe you get to play in a kingair and how i wish we did to, but we put out alot of highly skilled people a year, no doubt about that and I think thats what floats ERAU and UND near the top
When I was at Riddle in 1980...

Some snot nosed kid had a Nissan 280ZX that I drooled over. Took me at least 10 years to afford a car like that but I finally got one. No big deal. It was a great car but nothing I should have cared about when I was 21. Now I see some Riddle dude thinking he's cool cause he drives a Beemer.....gag me.

My opinion, as an Ex-Riddle guy and as a major airline pilot? Don't care if you drive a beemer or what. Can you take a 152 into an 1800 foot grass, mountain, strip or can you fly an ILS down to 200 and a half, solo? Riddle....Purdue...none of it impresses me. What kind of car you drive? Impresses me even less....

Show me what you can do in an airplane...that's what matters. Where you went to school or what you drive matters not. Personally, I think a FBO 152 with a good CFI can turn out an equal, if not better, product than any big school.
Re: When I was at Riddle in 1980...

Now I see some Riddle dude thinking he's cool cause he drives a Beemer.....gag me.

[/ QUOTE ]

I think you shouldn't jump to conclusions like that. I happen to know this guy personally, and by no means does he go around like a hotshot showing the thing off and bragging about it. Everybody just looooves to rip on ERAU and turn their nose down at the folks posting on this board that currently go there (about 450 posts later, and I still get the majority of my posts ignored...dunno why I even still bother).

So, let's look at the quality and content of the posts rather than the school or what kind of picture is in the signature. Seriously.