IPC by FAA Inspector


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Is there anyone that had their airplane instrument proficiency check done by a FAA inspector?

I know it would be better off going to a instructor but I am also looking to get my cffii after I get current. I wanna get requinted with taking chekrides again and by doing it with the FAA I was thinking it may help me get in the "zone". In the PTS, they have a seperate columns for first time instrument rating and IPC. Can I ask the examiner to follow the instrument rating TASKS rather than the IPC. I would like to know what are your thoughts and advice on this.



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Get your IPC done by a CFII, and take your CFII ride with a DPE, not the FAA. And honestly, the CFII ride isn't too much like an IPC. An IPC you just need to perform the tasks, the CFII is concerned with teaching them...


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For the IPC, it doesn't really matter. If you have an inspector who has time to do it may as well. There is no provision in the CFRs for a failure for an IPC/flight review so there should be no endorsement in your logbook if you fail and no paperwork generated. You simply wouldn't get the sign-off.


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Honestly, I can't imagine there are many inspectors out there with the time to do one, but if you found one who has a reputation for being a normal human being and has the time, why not?


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I don't think it's a bad idea. If anything, it'll help prepare you if you end up working for a charter company who doesn't have their own check airman. In that case, you'll wind up doing ALL your 135 check rides with a FAA inspector... If you end up working with the same FSDO you have the chance to develop a good rapport with them. Keep your friends close & you're enemies closer...


Good luck finding one willing to do it, there's a reason they delegate most check rides to private examiners.