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two questions:
1) say you qraduate comair and start instructing with them. you already have your MEI, and i know they wont let you instruct in muli's to start with. how long before they would let you instruct in a multi?
2) is comair known for hiring instructors from outside comair with lots of instructing experience? and how long will comair allow you to instruct with them? does comair try to save its instructor slots for fresh comair graduates?
I am pretty sure you don't instruct multi until you are almost done. Once you get to about 750 hours dual given you get to instruct approx. 50 more in multi and then get your interview with Comair airlines.

I haven't really asked around, but as far as I know almost all of the instructors at Comair are former students that were then hired to instruct. I don't think they hire much from the outside, but I don't know the official policy.

I can try to ask around and find out more...
They used to hire instructors from the outside, quite often in fact, the only qualification was at least 400hrs of dual already given. But in todays environment, they haven't hired instructors from the outside in awhile in order to give the Academy grads the jobs. Good for the Academy students job outlook, bad for the instructors (that didn't go to the school) that are looking for a real good gig. Comair Academy (which is going through a name upgrade right now to The Delta Connection Academy) is going strong and has many great things on the burner right now. Who knows what the need will be in the not to distant future.
As far as when they let you start teaching in the Multi? Well, right around 600 hours of dual given is the number they look for to let you get your MEI. From there you will go straight into the Multi group to teach, and that's the group you will most likely stay with until your interview with the Airline. As far as how long they let you instruct? Well the contract you have with them is for 800 dual given. That's a bare bones minimum to get released for the interview (with the totals having to add up to 1000 total time and at least 100 hours of multi). Since Comair is hiring quite well right now, and the major majority of the instructors are getting hired right now by Comair, the instructors want to get that seniority number as soon as possible. I'd say most of the instructors have about 800-1000hrs of dual given when they leave for their next assignment. All around, it's a good place to be right now (as it's always been for me).
I dunno, last I heard Comair was under a hiring freeze.
lets say i want to go to comair as a student and get my ratings. my wife has already graduated comair and has been instructing at Auburn university for about three years. she has around five or six hundred hours and about 75 hours multi. she would be looking to instruct with comair for two or three years at least.(she isnt trying to build time and get to an airline, thats my job) do you think comiar, if they are hiring instructors at the time, will likely give her a job? or would they rather hire a fresh graduate who wouldnt plan on staying very long.

If your wife did her ratings at Comair Academy, I believe they would be receptive to hiring her as an instructor. Normally, the flow of instructors going to the airline is what management wants so there are openings for the new CFI's. However, there are occasional opportunities to become a Group Leader or even Manager and stay on for longer. This is also a good thing for the academy because of the continuity of leadership. Of course, landing a position like that is not guaranteed, but she should surely express her interest and intentions at an interview.

Good Luck!
I dunno, last I heard Comair was under a hiring freeze.

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Doug...Thanks for spreading false rumors. If the airline is that sure is news to be as I see a good 30-40 1st officers getting hired every month.
If a company I worked for was dogged by another, I wouldn't like them either. He has every right to feel the way he does.
My info is that outsider CFIIs aren't hired anymore.The number of new students are low, just like anywhere else.

Also they tend to become very sensitive that once you are DCA, then you stay DCA until you done with the program. The name of the game is "stick it out".

I would try if I would be in the situation of your wife but my bet is that they will not re-hire her unless she can do checkrides or she is a DPE or something special.

Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!
Though the Academy is not currently seeking low-time "outside" instructors, we are often seeking more experienced instructors. Especially if someone has more than 1000 dual given and is wanting to stay at the Academy for at least a couple of years, then I would be interested in getting their resume and talking to them. For instance, we very soon will be posting a job opening for "Senior Flight Supervisor" which is a full-time position.
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I was under the impression that they pretty much motion you toward the door when you hit the 800 hour dual given point to make room for somebody else. True?
From what ive seen is that most people WANT to go to the airline after their 800 dual, but some do stay for management positions. If i have the choice of staying here or goin to Comair, or any airline for that matter, im going to the airline!
From what ive seen is that most people WANT to go to the airline after their 800 dual, but some do stay for management positions. If i have the choice of staying here or goin to Comair, or any airline for that matter, im going to the airline!

[/ QUOTE ]

Not everyone after the "800 mark" goes to "the airline". In fact, very few do.....thanks to our great economy!

The chances of getting an airline job at the 800 mark is VERY slim no matter where you went for flight training. Going to DCA doesn't garuntee you a job flying for COMAIR Airlines...whoever told you that was just flat out full of ****.

After you reach 800hrs of flight time at DCA there isn't a COMAIR recruiting officer standing there with a job offer in thier pocket for you. ROFL! I seriously hope somebody didn't tell you that, because that isn't true.


Is that why 9 DCA Grads out of 9 that interviewed with Comair a couple weeks ago were hired and almost half of them were in class in less than a week?? That makes something like 44 since January that have been hired at Comair alone. BTW Nobody here is guaranteed anything.
No one told me that, but i see it happen all the time, they get their hours, interview and go to the airline, the system works,you cant ldeny the facts. The FACT is that our graduates are getting hired in this enconomy, Is it a fact that this is the best place to train?, no , Is it a fact that you can't get hired with an airline any where else?, no! Is it a fact that every one that comes here is happy? no! But im happy here and i fell they can get me where i wanna be in a decent time frame, so thats all that matters! I mean honestly the road to success isnt easy, no matter where you train, and no matter where you go there is always going to be someone complaining, but for the most part i think this is best place to be, and to be honest if they can get me with an airline in 2 years to 2.5 years ill do whatever it takes!

No one guarenteed us anything more then an interview. So far this year, everyone from the Broward satellite base (where i work) who interviewed was hired. Still no guarentee of a job, but surely a good indication that not only are they giving us interviews, but taking us on as well.