How to file this?


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What's your preference here?

I'm planning a round robin IFR cross country from Grand Prairie (KGPM) to Waco (KACT) Texas and back. I plan on doing two instrument approaches at ACT. Should I file GPM to GPM or make up two seperate flight plans? The first would be preferable because I don't plan on stopping at ACT.



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If I were to file this I would put the destination as GPM and in the routing I would put ACT and in the remarks section I would put "Practice approaches at ACT" or something like that.

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I would do separate ones. I've tried the remarks "instrument approach at XXX" thing before and it didn't work. Made LIT approach pretty annoyed with us and got vectors and speed changes out the wazoo.

So I'd file 2 separate ones and before starting your last approach at ACT advise approach that you'd like to pick up your IFR clearance back to GPM.


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The code in remarks is "MAP" they know that it stands for multiple approaches.

So it would would be MAP/ACT. The tower manager at KBED told me that when I was instructing. Not sure if it is in their bible or just an internal thing.


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I would do 2 as well. Not sure about the facilities there but some (Norcal) don't even use strips and some of those remarks go ignored sometimes...sooooo ya.

At my facility, people usually always file 2. When they ask for their clearance we conveniently get it or already have it for that matter and already know what your plans will be before you ask. Just let approach know what you want to do as you arrive.