How many of u get nervous when going through security...


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Sometimes ..most of the time..i will become nervous when going through security..even though i know that i'm fine...i mean..i dont carry..or never want to carry bombs or guns or anything like that through security...even though i know i'm innocent i still become nervous...but lately i have been calming & relaxing more when going through security & stuff b/c i have been flying more....
I get nervous. I have a sarcastic, no B.S. type personality, and now, if I say something that they feel was threatening (although those of you who know/have seen me know I'm not much of a threat), they can tell me to hand over my certificates and ratings, and once that happens, its doubtful I'd ever get them back.
I always get nervous that it's gonna beep, not that I'll get in trouble but that people will get annoyed!.

I've never had the detectors go off, though I haven't been through the new "super hyperactive detecting a small piece of lint" detectors yet.
Never do get nervous going through the things. I don't see a reason to get nervous either.

On a side note, those metal detectors need to be standardized. Half the time they will go off and the other half they will not.

I used to go through security every day when I worked at McCarron International. Everyday I wore the same thing (uniform for work) and if I had my watch on, it would go off sometimes and other times it wouldn't. I had no other metal on so it was kind of frustrating so I would shed metalic stuff before going through so it was quick and easy. They never did hassle us, which was nice.
I do a bunch of shooting. So I know that some of my jackets and such would 'hit' on a residue test (I have had my laptop swiped and tested at the gate, and this the the same laptop that I use to keep score at the range.

With traces of lead styphnate, barium nitrates and antimony sulfide, I am still amaized that I haven't been stopped more often... But then again I do EVERYTHING in my power to not fly on a 121 airline.
Whenever I go through I think that it will beep and it just scares the heck out of me because I never know if something I am carrying/wearing will set it off, then you get all of these stupid people looking at you like you just went through a store security scanner when it beeps like it is a huge crime to have a watch on or something else metal accedentally left on.
I get nervous that I am carrying something that I don't know that I am carrying, example: my brother had just gotten back from going camping and hadn't thoroughly gone through his backpack and had a pretty big 6 inch blade in it, you can imagine what happened then.
I agree with EatSleepFly

I do not like the invasion of privacey and hassles that pilots get going through security. Especially now that we have the TSA nazis.

I hate it horribly. It will sometimes make me drive rather than fly.

Especially up north. The southern TSA folks seem to be more relaxed. The MCO TSA are always polite and respectful.
I also would have to agree with john_tenney...b/c i live here in Raleigh, NC, & I depart from RDU (Raleigh/Durham Intl.) all the time when i the way...rdu has a website called... ....

but yes...the southern TSA are more relaxed compared to the northeners b/c i just recently flew to JFK the week before last & i noticed a great difference..
I just had some people I know go on vacation and they got threw security with alot of banned items like pocket knife, nail clippers, nail file. They obviously didn't know that these items were banned, but I just think its funny that they didn't say anything about them. On the way back at another airport they confiscated all of that stuff.
LOL. I never get nervous going through a security check. Not just because I am clean, but I was born and raised in Inglewood and you have to come harder than that. The only thing that gets me shaking is seeing the officer reach for handcuffs while looking at me LOL.
Back in my airline days, I used to have to fly a UPS route out to Yuma, AZ on Sat morning and leave the plane at YUM. I'd then jump on Mesa/America West Express back to PHX (going back out on Monday morning to bring cargo back). Funny thing was that I'd have to go through security screening at YUM to board the 1900. Then when I arrived at Terminal 4 at PHX and got off the 1900, I (and everyone else) had to go through security screening AGAIN just to enter Terminal 4.

Overkill, IMO.
When I have time, I like to leave my hat on, walk through and drag my feet on the ground, put my hands in my pockets, and kick the machine as i walk passed it.

It has been well over 7 months now since I quit working for the TSA and I have still not recieved my seperation pay! Dept of labor cant help, local news channels cant help, im just screwed!

We were picking up a pax at BOS when I was flying the citation. The captain and I waked in off the ramp in to he FBO, passed thru security to get into the building. When it came time to leave we had to go thru the metal defectives so we both put keys etc in the basket. The Capt had a Swiss army knife. The first trip, they didn’t say a word. When we dropped the pax off later that night. They thru a fit, “ you can’t go out there with that knife” Umm hello? You let us IN with that knife, and as Don said, pointing to the airplane, I am the pilot of **THAT** airplane, do you think I am going to hijack myself?
I am the pilot of **THAT** airplane, do you think I am going to hijack myself?

[/ QUOTE ]

Im surprised they didn't throw him to the ground and read him his rights for saying that!!!!
Where I work, we work with explosives all the time, mainly C-4. One of our guys was flying to his reserve duty and went through security at the airport,they did a sniff test on his gear and came up with a positive. He explained what his job was, they searched all his gear, stripped searched him, found nothing and he still had to get permission from the Pilot to board the airplane. The Pilot was cool, of course, and once my buddy explained his job he had no problem boarding the plane.
It's not as bad as it used to be anymore. I just skate on through for the most part. One thing that was truly messed up, though, was how they made me take off my Tevas to x-ray them. I'm like, you poor bastard, you have to smell these things as they pass out of the machine?

And I feel bad for the guy behind me who had to put his suit jacket on the belt right after my shoes!