How High?


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Someone recently started a thread about how far you have flown, so I thought it might be interesting to see how high everyone has been.

My personal altitude records are 11,500 MSL in a C150 (it took a long time to get there) and FL 290 in the J328.
Sorry Dave... already been discussed:

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Cold and quick, huh RTF??? I'm telling you, you're becoming more and more like a lawyer (or a wife...) everyday!!!
I'm telling you, you're becoming more and more like a lawyer (or a wife...) everyday!!!

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10,500 in a 172, but the density altitude was up around 13500! That's gotta count for something!

Came back down again after starting to feel a little... 'weird'.
12,000 or 12,500 can't remember when gave up and headed back down (trying to get over some weather). PA-23.
FL230 in a P-Navajo.
FL190 in a T-210 (sucking O2)

15,500 without oxygen (but then I jumped out, and was at a more breathable altitude after a few seconds...

I think 12,000 is the highest I've had anything that is normally-aspirated.
FL190 in a C206U, not flying but in the right seat.

14,500 in a 172 last winter over the Tetons, MEA.

20,400ft in my paraglider over Telluride ski area! That was amazing. The record in Telluride is 23,000 in a hang glider.

Oh, for those concerned with airspace we have permission to fly into class A with approval from Denver FSS. I don't know how that works but if we ask tell them we are planning on going over FL180 they approve it.
I went all the way to 7,000 today in the Citation. I think FL290 the highest I've ever been on a non airliners. I did make it up to 15,000 in a Commander 560 trying to get over weather.
So how low then?

Since the "how high" option has already been discussed, then how low has anyone flown, other than takeoff/landing/pattern ops?

In the day?

At night?
Re: So how low then?

Um...I've flown as low as 800-900ft cruise in a 152 in Noew Orleans over the outskirts on Lake Ponchatrain. Fun stuff...Only thing is if you're engine goes out, you're looking at a landing on the busy Pontachtrain Bridge and you're pretty screwed, thats why I did it once and never did it again (sort of woo-hoo I did it saw it conquered and hell now I'm never doing it again).