HIRED !!!!


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Ive been hired! Im the new marketing guy for Mojave Aviation and Monarch Sky at HND. Im finally out of the entertainment sector of marketing and doing something Im very passionate about. An aviation career for SeanD! What a fantastic way to start 2009.
CONGRATS, Sean! :)

Best of luck---it sounds like a great fit--and something you'll excel at! :bandit:

HAPPY NEW YEAR indeed! :nana2: :rawk:
Congrats man! Glad to hear that you're in something you enjoy! Best of luck to you mate!

What will you really be doing for them?

Marketing.... Duh!:D Must we do everything for you ;)

Since the job market has vanished here in Vegas I decided to pick up on some freelance marketing gigs. I drove over the HND lastweek and spoke with Mojave Aviation which also runs a flying club called Monarch. They want to introduce people to the club and promote the flight school. I have never done marketing in relation to aviation. My specialty is mostly entertainment related. However, it's all the same concept either way you slice it.
Since there is a large diversity of pilots here I figure I would ask. How would you market this product? Who would be your target audience for both the flight training and club? What would spark your interest?
One idea I have is to present it to one of the local high schools to offer a discount rate for students interested in aviation.

I dont have a budget from the place yet. I'm going to assume it's going to be farely low since its such a specialized catagory with a very limited audience.