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Read this thread first:original story

Well, today was the day. If there ever was a time in my life that I was in the right place, at the right tim, it was today. So this morning started with a cross country with a student from John Wayne to riverside then to Catalina island then back to john Wayne. After that, it was off to palm springs.
I arrived 15 minutes early, dressed in my best suit, shirt, and tie. I very nervously awaited as all the passengers were being checked in due to a flight that was leaving at that time. After about 10 minutes, the manager looked over at me, and I introduced myself. I had only met him one time before so he didn't really remember what I looked like. Off to his office we went.

I sat down and the interview started right away. He started off with basica questions like have you ever been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, DUI etc etc. All of a sudden jetcareers and Doug came flashing to my mind. All those times that he mentioned how important it is not to tarnish your record because when you do, its all over.
After that, he began asking me questions about real life events such as:

Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work?

What would you do if a co-worker didn't get along with you?

What would you do if a customer was totally irrate and out of control?

What makes you angry?

I think I handled the questions very well. The secret was that I was upfront and honest. He asked me about if I've ever not gotten along with another co-worker and if so what I did about it. I first told him that everyone is human, then said, "for me to say that I got along with all of my coworkers would be a lie". He stopped me right there and said, "THANK YOU, thank you so much for giving me an honest answer and not sitting there like other people and lieing". Thats how the interview started and it made both of us feel very comfortable.

He then started to describe the position and duties. He made the job seem very undesirable, but I was willing to do anything for it.

He said, " will you work nights, weekends, holidays? If I need you to stay late will you? " etc etc.

Then he mentioned, that this job was not a permenant position with skywest. The job would only last until June 1st, I would then be furloughed, then possibly brought back in a minimum of 90 days. He also mentioned that during upto that time, if a permenant position opened up, I would be offered it, if I was in good standing with the company.

So after all this, which lasted about 45 minutes, he said, "well Omar, I normally don't do this, but I'd like to go ahead and offer you the position if you'll accept it".
I wanted to jump up on his table right then and there. I gladly accepted and was happier than I had been in a VERY VERY VERY long time. It didn't matter that it wasn't a flying position. THIS WAS MY FOOT IN THE DOOR! AND I HAD MADE IT IN!

Right as soon as he offered me the job, some lady walked in and told him he had a call, so he stepped out for a minute to take it. After he returned he said," well, this must be your lucky day, one of my people just quit over the phone so your now a permenant employee!!!!".
Oh my god! Can it get any better than this! if I'm this excited about doing this, I can't imagine what I'll do when I get a job flying somewhere some day.

He then asked me if I had the rest of the afternoon open, without even opening my schedule book full of students for today, I happily said yes, so he gave me the necassary paperwork, drug test, and finger print papers to take care of. So I quickly went down the street to mail boxes etc and they finger printed me, went another few blocks at a medical clinic to get a drug test, and I quickly turned the paperwork back in.

It will take about a week to 10 days for the paperwork to go through with the FBI and Postal Service background checks to go through. Then after that I can start training!

When I was finsihed and walked out to the passenger area, I saw the next applicant applying for the job. He was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. Not that I know anything about hiring, but all I can say is he showed up not looking like he wanted the job just by the way he was dressed, the way he carried himself, and the way he was dressed.

Well............all I can say is......I'm glad I pushed myslef to do this, because if I hadn't, I'd still be...well.....in the same position as yesterday.
Thanks to all the people around this site for the advice and encouragement.

I'll give you guys an update as to how things went in a few weeks!

Way to go man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You deserve this and it's good to hear that your working your way up. Good Luck with the new job.
Awesome! I am happy for you... but don't forget the little people on the way up!
... Send some of that right place right time to the the rest of us!

Congrats again!

I must be dumb but I can't figure out what job you just got hired for. Is it pilot? or something else?
Congrats and thank you for sharing what he asked in the interview etc! Sometimes I think we try so hard to impress someone that we make it painfully obvious, that's very good advice to just be honest and up front!
Nice catch Omar. I guess we always get our chances in the industy...Sort of like fishing wait for what seems like decades and then finally you get a bite. I guess this could be considered a big-bass for you (owh god I'm getting old with my corny sayings).
Congrats, SkyWest is an awesome company to work for and you will benefit when it comes time to apply for a flying position. I am currently doing an internship with SkyWest and it has done nothing but reaffirm the feelings I had about working for them.

I should (nothing is for sure in this business
) roll over into a "real" job with SkyWest around the New Year. We could have a blue juice fight on the ramp, kind of like the gasoline fight in Zoolander. Blue juice glistening on our bare chests in the hot midday sun... I should make gay_pilot pay to read this [/sarcasm]
Outstanding! Conrats on the new job. I have several acqaintences that are Brazillia pilots for Sky West. They love flying for Sky West.
Congrats! Enjoy the new job.

I always wanted to work for them (actually I was offered jobs with UA in Santa Barbara and Skywest in Oxnard, but it was never meant to be.)
WHOO HOOO... good for you!!!! congratulations and have fun with it!!! will you be moving to palm springs then or commuting? your still going to continue flying to get those hours up right?
Thanks guys,

Kristie- yah, I'm going to be instructing at the same time. Luckily, I make my own schedule for instructing so that won't be a problem.

My schedule there is a little tough (Fri Sat Sun 5:30am-1:00pm), BUT I LIKE IT! It was out of choice that I had that schedule. It's going to make me work hard, and push me. And when its all said and done, if it lands me the final job that I want with them, it will make it that much sweeter.

I'm going to commute there, two days taking my car, and one day in our school plane at a really really cheap rate too.

But you know what my biggest fear is, even though I have never taken ANY drugs in my life, nor have I ever even smoked, I'm always afraid of failing a stupid drug test out of the fluke. It's kinda like one of those things out of a movie. Or failing a lie detector test even though I didn't lie. Hmmm....I don't know why I always think like that. I'm sure its some kind of disorder they haven't coined yet.

Anyways, thanks again everyone.

Chris, I hope to see you there. I'll be there every Fri Sat Sun from 5:30am to 1pm. By the way, that means a 3:00am wake up call for me, which means a 8pm go to bed time! HAAAA!
Re: SkyWest hiring outlook?

Last I heard no classes were scheduled through at least the new year. I think there are also around 40-60 pilots already hired just waiting for class dates. But that can all change with one phone call...
Dude thats awsome. All I can say is that that thread was very motavational, and I bookmarked it. Good Luck Man!