Hired by Chautauqua!


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I got a letter in the mail on Monday informing me that Chautauqua will be putting me in their next class!
With so many qualified pilots out there looking for work, I feel very fortunate to get on with such a good company -- and to be able to fly the ERJ!

As someone who just began flying two years ago, I want to thank Doug and all of the great JC'ers who have provided me with invaluable information along the way. Without this website, I would not be where I am today...
Congratulations man!!! That is awesome. I can only hope that I will have the same good fortune that you had as I start ATP this winter. Go out and celebrate!!!!
Awesome, congratulations! Does this mean you will be in the "Perspectives" section? I like that section...
Hey Pokin, so you are starting ATP this winter? WHat program, the private or acpp? I am very interested in ATP and would enter into their private first. I am also looking at starting around september hopefully. It would be nice to hear why you decided to go with them. Thanks . By the way congrats socal it is encouraging to hear that things are going good for others.
Were you in the six person interview group last Tuesday? One of our instructors was in that group and got his letter today. Congratulations to both of you!
Hey vsnick. I'm about 99% sure that I'm going to do the ACPP program starting this coming January. I'm just about done with my private here in NYC and am just waiting for my wife to finish up school this december so I can move to Dallas for 3 months and fly like crazy. The main reason I'm thinking about ATP is the multi-time and the fact that I've heard many good things about the quality of instruction. Also, the speed of the program works well for me. I've already got a four year degree so I want to get my ratings and then start instructing as soon as possible (with any luck at ATP!!!) Also, stories like Socal's are very encouraging. If you have any other questions just let me know. Good luck with your decision.
Congradulations Socal! It's great to read a success story given the current economy. I just got my commercial yesterday and my A.S last weekend, which took about 2 yrs. I guess the FBO route is slower going but on the upside I owe nothing for my education or flight training. Again, Congrats.
Hey Socal, wipe that giant grin off your face
, hey c'mon, wipe it off
, alright you can stop smilin now
!! It's not workin' is it?!

I'd have a ear-to- ear grin too if I was you!

Your hard work has paid off, now it's a new begining...

Best of luck
Congrats, I hope it works out great for you! And i hope to be making a simular post in the few years
Socal, living the dream, living the dream. How did you finance ATP? How did you get the instructor spot at ATP? Will ramen taste better after flying the ERJ all day? (I bet it does)

Congrats!!! Great news!
That is great news Socal . . I remember the day at Cable Airport when I just missed you. You were up with Steve H. doing a checkride! Wow, that seems like yesterday!!