Hello ladies and gentleman. My name is Brian Jesus and I am from Coconut Creek, Florida. I have just registered on the forum, thanks to the "citationkid" who told me about this place. I am 14 years old and I really like aviation. It has been a dream to fly since I was little. I am hoping to start flight lessons as soon as I turn 15 and go all the way to flying professionally. My nearest airport is Pompano Beach Airpark. If no one knows about this airport, then 20 minutes away there is Ft. Lauderdale Intl. and Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. I have no contact with real-world pilots so that is why I am here. I am hoping to become friends with the people here and get some advice. I was really hoping to see if someone lives around my area, maybe we could go flying sometime. I really hope to get to know everyone here. Have a safe flight and a nice day!
Welcome to the boards. The knowledge you will gain from this site is pretty impressive. Just don't become discouraged from some of the seemingly negative comments and discussions that sometimes arise.
Hi there Brian! It's good to meet a fellow newbie.

In fact, I thought I'd introduce myself in this forum, as I was having difficulty deciding where to post first elsewhere.

So, my name is Kevin. I am eighteen years old, just graduated from high school, currently working at an FBO in Oregon. I am on the road to becoming a ... (drum roll, please) ... airline pilot!

I currently have a whopping 14 hours under my belt. In fact, tomorrow I am going to be going on my first dual cross country. I soloed at nine hours, and--even though I'm currently under Part 61 lesons--intend to earn my license in under fifty hours. I also would very much like to ace my written. Though I would settle for 95% or above.
I study multiple hours every day, so I'm confident I can do so.

So for all you currently flying professionally, I look forward to being in the right hand seat of your plane. And for those (very few) with less hours than me, I look forward to seeing you in the right hand seat of *my* plane.
I am on the road to becoming a ... (drum roll, please) ... airline pilot!

[/ QUOTE ]

Welcome the to the both of you. I remember when I was a newbie....Anyways that drumroll is compliments of the Northview Drumline
Hey, welcome to the board, I am also 14 and this website has and will continue to answer every question I have ever had. No matter if the question was serious or just plain stupid it was answered in one way or another.
Even though you may get pissed off at people on this board, you just gotta remember that they are just trying to answer you question (hopefully) or give you an educated answer.
Thanks for the welcome guys. It is really nice to see other people pursuing their dreams like I am trying to do. Hopefully we can all help each other out to get there, and get some extra help from those with experience.
Hey, welcome Brian. Shocking, but I also want to become an airline pilot. Good luck with your road to the cockpit.
Welcome Brian and Kevin. I pumped gas when I was in high school at an FBO. What airport do you work at Kevin?
Hey, thanks for the welcome guys.

So, I'm not the only one here who wants to be an airline pilot? Gosh, I've been told by I don't know how many pilots "Oh God, not another one. Trust me, kid, you wanna be a lawyer. Or a doctor. Or start your own business. DON'T go into aviation, whatever you do."

DE727, I work at the Salem Airport. In fact, there are two FBOs on the field, in HEATED competition. I work for Salem Executive Flight Center, the Chevron Station, while our competitors are Salem Air Center, an AirBP station.
Granted it's not as easy as some of the glossy magazine ads say, but I'm one of those guys that think that if you really want to do something bad enough, nothing can stop you.

Well, short of a grizzly bear with laser beams.

But it's not going to be pretty, simple or comfortable.
No, silly, sharks don't go to the airport!

But you'd figure if they have laser beams, they'd probably have breather apparatus as well, and probably have opposable thumbs.
HAHA....you two are a riot....thanks for a good laugh.

EDIT: BTW Kristie, I like your new avatar a lot better than the old one. Its not a poser photo, but a shot of what you and Doug are really like.
You know, I have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. Now, evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that can't be done. Can you remind me what I pay you people for? Honestly, throw me a bone here.


Welcome new guys, w3rd up!
I wish I wrote as well as BrianJ does when I was fourteen. If your grammar on your post is an indication of your dedication, you will become an airline pilot not doubt. Good luck and welcome to JC.
That was taken just across the street from "La Bastille" in Paris a couple of months ago.

Fantastic croissants and tasty coffee.
I thought it was a "shark with laser beams"

->end sarcasm

[/ QUOTE ]

You're both wrong, it was an ill-tempered mutated sea bass.
I pumped gas when I was in high school at an FBO.

[/ QUOTE ]

Do you need a HAZMAT CDL to do that? Or any special prior training? I was thinking of applying at an FBO; either parking planes or refueling or customer service. Something to look into to pay for the flight training.
You know what, I read a post some days back that you mentioned eating a croissant and I wondered if thats what you were holding in your hand there!