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I am new to the board and wanted to say "Hello". Previoulsy I have hung out on studentpilot.net but that has gone rapidly downhill. A friend of mine who posts here (fly4free) recommended this site, so I have been lurking here for a while and like it so decided to register.

I am a private pilot with just under 300 hours and have an instrument rating. I am currently working on my commercial and will be taking the written exam probably within the next few weeks.

Blue skies!


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You look very much like an old college roommate of mine from my first year........


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Previoulsy I have hung out on studentpilot.net but that has gone rapidly downhill.

[/ QUOTE ]

What's wrong over there


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What's crackin, Daz!
Welcome to JC!! It's a great place, and hopefully you'll get as much help as I have!!


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Well Richard it is about time you signed up. I am doing an Angel Flight this week to Iowa City. Are you flying before you go to London? I think you will find this board much better than the other one. By the way this is Jim...your safety pilot


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Wasssup Jim? Of course I know it's you - it's your fault I'm here in the first place! :)

Yeah I'm flying to London on Thursday, and will be back the following weekend. Then after the Commercial Written I intend to hit the flight training headlong. Hopefully I've saved up enough $$$

I may need to enlist your help as safety pilot sometime again to do some more IFR practice approaches, and as ever I extend the same offer if you need a safety pilot too.


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Welcome aboard Daz, hope we can be of help to you. You'll find this is a pretty good group ... even in the Squawk Box!