Health Insurance going through training


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Can anyone recommend where to get health insurance? I will be doing the fast paced program, so I wont have a job to help pay for it. Any ideas? Or has someone found good insurance while going through training?


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I lost my bennies when I quit my job to come here, so I joined a high-deductible plan through Blue Shield for about $90/month. It doesn't cover regular minor office visits... just if something major happens.


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I did blue cross blue shield for 6 months out of college. Was about $60/m for a plan with I believe a $5000 deductible and $1 million in coverage. I'm healthy and never go to the doctor except for my medicals, just didn't want to have to declare bankruptcy if I got hit by a truck.

Even when I went to expressjet I chose the plan with the highest deductible/lowest price. You can go to the doctor several times at $100/visit before you "make up" the difference for a plan with a $20 co-pay. If something terrible happens I'd put the "maximum yearly out-of-pocket" on my credit card and let the insurance company pay the rest.

If you're healthy and single this is my recommendation. If you have dependents or an existing medical condition I'd cough up the extra money for a better plan.


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I took my chances on not getting sick while at ATP.

A few weeks after I started, I got strep throat. After two days of being unable to get out of bed, I thought I was going to die and ended up at a clinic. They fixed me up with some cheap penicillian. The medication plus the office visit and strep test was about $85.

I think for most simple things you might just want to pay out of pocket. The premiums on most non-group policies are really high.