Head of FAA says changes "not necessary"

Very interesting development to this circus. I'm guessing this won't be received by the pilot groups very well. He really trusts the airline managements will voluntarily change? Hmph.
To prevent this thread from going flamebait in about 8 different ways, all I will say is...:banghead::banghead:
My Plan

Before I write as many letters to lawmakers as I have time for during the layovers on my next trip that starts on Sunday, telling them to ignore what he has said, I'm going to write a letter to Randy saying thanks for nothing.
The Head of the FAA must have his head up his ass...


A severe case of cranial-rectal inversion.

And we know Babbit's juevos did not get in his way of accomplishing this feat since he apparently hand-delivered them to the ATA lobbists in a gift wrapped box.
Probably yet another case of "these are not the droids you are looking for" Jedi mindtrick.

Too bad Babbitt didn't have immunity like Sebulba.
Was the head of the FAA an ALPA leader at one point?

EDIT: He was the former CEO of ALPA.

Now the question to the ALPA good old boys, do you feel betrayed?
"While most of the requirements included in the Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009 are already being addressed by the FAA as part of earlier actions, Babbitt acknowledges the bill's proposal to significantly increase the minimum hours of flight time required for first officers would be a totally new requirement. But Babbitt believes requiring airline co-pilots to have at least 1,500 hours is not necessary.
"In the pilot community I think it is acknowledged that simply raising the total amount of time by over half is not really a good benchmark for how good the quality of the pilot is," Babbitt says. "The quality of training is far more important than the quantity of training or total time."
Babbitt, who took over as FAA administrator two months ago and is a former head of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), says the agency will try to educate members of Congress to prove to them that quality of training is more important than quantity."
So instead he is proposing military flight training standards on puppy mills?
My dad who is a veterinarian, had to learn a lot of different surgical procedures on different animals... He always chuckled at the learning curve and the mantra in the profession "see one, do one, teach one".

I am not bagging on ATP et al, they turn out a fairly standardized product highly efficiently, but I am not sure that "see one, do one, teach one" is the way to go...
Wow. :confused: Seems like Babbitt changed his tune über-quickly on this one. What a disappointment! :(
When you think about it, he has to save his own rear end. It seems as though people are calling him out by saying the job isn't getting done by the head of the FAA. Now we all know the truth abou the FAA but if someone in your position was saying that your not a good enough instructor (reason for low pay) then you are going to be expletive towards the nay-sayer, right?
Literally, not to sound completely dense but I am trying to wrap my head around this, and please correct me if I am wrong.

The Ex-Head of ALPA is trying to shoot down better work rules that are regulated through the federal government when they (ALPA) failed to get those work rules in place on their own. Quality...
Um, yeah.

The FAA is charged with the oversight of aviation as well as fostering growth, etc.

Would it perhaps be that Mr. Babbitt is in a position to not appear totally in favor of proposed changes lest he seem totally biased for against a particular group?

He's a politician, kids. Don't take anything he says for face value, regardless of what it is.
Someone must have reminded him about the push for the MPL.

Hmmm.....didn't someone involved with ALPA who actively posts on this board say that the union is for the MPL?
Definitely shakes my confidence in the head of the FAA. Anyway I read this he seems like a tool bag.