GRR Area Time Building?


I'm finally going back to finish my Instrument shortly and will be looking to build some time for Commercial Minimums afterwards.

Might still have time to get up to Traverse city yet this year and knock out my Multi as well. If I do, then I would be interested in ME time building as well.

I'm a Program Manager at GE Aviation here, so its a bit hard for me to break away during the weekdays for large blocks of time or long Cross Country flights, more interested in weekends or evenings.

I'm low time, about 130TT. Sad as I have been licensed since 1995, but career and life got in the way.

Looking to finish up IFR in October timeframe at this point.

I was flying out of Allegan last year until they went BK. Great rates, probably why they went BK :)

Going to use WMFA to finish up my IFR. Only one IFR bird there now, a 172. They plan on changing the panel in the Cherokee to IFR soon though.


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Is WMFA really out of Riverview? I grew up in Jenison. Next time I'm in town visiting the 'rents we should meet up. I vaguely remember something about you building some huge ass sim in your house, or was that someone else?


That would be me.

Yes they are out of riverview. Had an old instructor that let me know she's the and at Hastings now. Jenison is closer.

You should come by for our football parties. The theater and bar are complete. 138" screen in the theater, couple more tv's in the bar. Have a keg of Summer Shandy in the kegerator now.


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Use to instruct at Ottawa Exec and Jenison in GRR. Might try both those places.....
Sadly allegan went out of business even though the owner is a DPE and the head of NAFI...goes to show low rates are really to good to be true.


Muskegon has some decent rates. Too far a of drive for me to stay involved with the club, but going to use them for the Instrument wrapup and a High Perf signoff in their Mooney.