Ground Instructor


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I have taken the FOI and FIA exams (and passed
), and the FOI expires next month. I'm not going to make a checkride before the FOI expires, and I was wondering if I can do anything with my get a ground instructor certificate? Also, if I get a ground instructor certificate, do I need to retake the FOI or FIA when I do finally make it to my CFI checkride? Does anybody know the procedure for this? Is there an exam at the fsdo? Thanks for the info....

Yes you can actually take the agi/igi and bring it to the fsdo and get a certificate. You will need to bring your foi with you. That way when its time to take your cfi, you will have a valid ground instructor ticket, which doesnt expire. There is no test at the fsdo, just fill out an 8710 and bring your agi and foi and your set, no oral. Make sure you do it before your foi expires though...