GPS Holds


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I know this has been discussed earlier, but I can't find the thread.

Q: Holds on the GPS approachs plates are designated as having 4 n.m. holding legs. Whay is this and should we use 1 min legs instead?

The idea was to make the approaches as standard as possible. That is why many of the RNAV(GPS) approaches have the T shape and a hold away from the approach. If you are flying the published missed approach you need to hold as published, so 4mi legs in your case not 1 min legs.
Just top clarify, the hold I am referring to is the hold off the missed approach and it isnt published on all GPS terminal procedures.
I found the AIM section that I was telling you about:

5-3-7 (Holding)

b.) If the holding pattern is charted and the controller doesn't issue complete holding instructions, the pilot is expected to hold as depicted on the appropriate chart. When the pattern is charted, the controller may omit all holding instructions except the charted holding direction and the statement "as published." Controllers shall always issue complete holding instructions when pilots request them.


I think the italic part is the answer you were looking for, right?