Got my first class med. But feel strange about the proccess...


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Well, I went and got my first class today in Burbank.
I want to know if this is the regular process for the first class.
1) He let me fill in the FAA form.
2) He wighed me
3) He checked my vision., i read some rows.
He told me the FAA requirement is row 7 for far vision, but he told me to read row 8 , 9 , 10 too.. This sounded weird.
I did it, although row 10 took me some time, and (GUESSING)

4) He checked my heart rate by putting his hand on my hand.
5) He checked my blood pressure with a pump thing, i dont know how its called.
6) I urined into a glass and he put some peice of paper showing sugar level,
And thats it! ..
Now, I was prescribed glasses in israel, but someone told me it might have been because i was tired when I got them.,
And he didnt check for drugs or anything..
Is this realy the FIRST CLASS medical check?

oh, and how they type it on the cert. does it matter.
If its 1st or FIRST
if the date is 10/26/02 or October, 26th 2002
I am a bit sceptic about this.
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5) He checked my blood pressure with a pump thing, i dont know how its called.

[/ QUOTE ] It's a sphygmomanometer
. Yeah, the doctor'll stumble over that one too. Don't know what medicos call it in the hospital when they have to refer to it.
That sounds a lot like my second class medical...

What are the differences, if any, between first and second class?
No differences between my 3rd and 1st. I went to the same dr for both of them, so he already knew that I was a healthy dude, and it only took about 5 minutes (did the customary piss, weight, eyes, hearing, basic physical exam).
Did he ask you any questions while his back was turned to you? If so, he was able to tell if you could hear him or not.

Come to think of it I didn't do a hearing test for my second class either...

Did the vision, and color blindness tests... Passed with flying colors! (pun intended)
Like MD said, it's really a test involving the dr saying a common word and asking you to repeat it back to him (or otherwise demonstrate that you heard him). The dr. may have satisified this requirement just by conversing with you. My AME has me take 3 steps across the room, facing away from him. Then he says a few random words and has you repeat them back to him.
oh, I see....

Sorry, I kind of missed the boat on that one.. wasn't paying attention I suppose.
5 minutes!!!!

Gawd!! In india you have to spend 3 days at the Institute of Aerospace medicine for your first first-class medicals.

they check eyes, nose, throat ,ears, weight &amp; height ,lungs, take a ECG &amp; EEG of your heart by making you run uphill in a treadmill.Then test all those dirty things ( pi$$ $$it ). Drain up 60% of ur blood and do all kind of test from diabetes cholestrol thyroid drugs to STDs (Heard so not sure abt it).

And finally as someone said sit down look over your seat and smile! For u'll be flying 737/A320/300 minimum!
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He didnt do any hearing test.
Is this one of the requirements for a first class?

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Did you walk out of the office with a slip of paper that says first class medical?

If so, then why are you trying to find fault with your exam?

Plain crazy to me. I wish I could've avoided being deferred for my 3rd, but oh well.

The way I look at it, you have a first class medical until the FAA tells you otherwise. Case closed.


Naunga, you missed my point.
The reason I want to know if he did it right, is because i want to know if im airline material before spending the $40,000
Sounds reasonable no?
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The reason I want to know if he did it right, is because i want to know if im airline material before spending the $40,000

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I see your point, but if he gave you a first class once, he'll give you one when you renew.

From what I can tell it's good practice to stick with an AME and not change.

If you're not sure he did it right, then drop another $100+ and go to another AME. Of course who knows what that will do to the medical you currently hold. Might cause some major problems, or if you're really concerned about the quality of the exam then call the FAA and ask them about it.

I look at it like this: If the airlines say you have to have a first class medical in hand. Then you've met that requirement. Whether your AME did a half assed job or not he issued your a 1st class medical, and will probably continue to do so.

Of course the real problems the airlines might have with you is this overwhelming paranoia
Yup, that's the basic 1st class medical.

Sounds like the kind of guy you want to continue to go back to for a stress-free medical.
if your that concerned with future meds you could go to your local doc and have a full physical done.. may get costly if your uninsured though..that way no probs if you find you have a prob that may need attention