Good things to remeber for Checkride?


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I will be doing my checkride shorty and I want to know some things that are good to keep in mind during the checkride, things that might have slipped your mind, or just little things to watch out for! Thanks

I just took mine. So if you have any questions by all means ask me! But make sure you know everything about airspace for the ground my DE asked a ton of questions on that. Weight and balance is another big thing to know and understand. Remember where the wind is for when he pulls the power on you. I think it's an automatic fail if you turn downwind. My DE had me track the VOR under the hood all the way back to the airport, so pratice that if you aren't real good at VOR tracking. I thought I was until my checkride. lol. Oh and the biggest thing RELAX This however is very hard to do, trust me. Like I said you can ask me anything you want to know, my e-mail is in my profile.

On a side note nice first name.
In the two checkrides I've taken (PPASEL and IR), I've found it a good trait to VERBALIZE everything you do so that the DE knows you know what you are doing.

If you make a mistake, at least the DE knows you are aware of said mistake and are taking actions to correct it.

In short:

Talk out loud the entire time!!

BEST of luck!!
And don't be afraid of screwing up. There is no way you will have a perfect check ride, but you will have a safe check ride. Just make sure the DE sees you taking the steps to correct mistakes you do make.
I like to think of the checkride as a bunch of small seperate test. Break it down not just between the oral and the flight but each question or activity you're tested on. If you screw up on one of the questions/activities don't let it get you down or fluster you. Forget about it and move on to the next. Remember, it's your overall performance that really matters.

Oh yeah, relax. If your instructor has signed you off then he/she has confidence in your abilities. You should too!
I agree with John verbalize everything for an IR ride. Call the localizer alive and glidescope and call out the altitude you are at and what you are looking for example 1500 for 300(dh). I found that worked really well helping with my scan and told him I knew where the MAP was. Relaxing is big but the hardest of all. Remember he/she is not there to fail you but to make sure you are a safe pilot. When they are grilling you its hard to remember that.
Also know you airplane inside and out. All the systems and speeds needed. Every DE has there own thing they like to grill the most though even though they are following PTS.
Something that helps tremendously with the 'jitters' is reading about other people's experiences with their own checkrides.

You can run a search here as well as at 'other' message boards, and at the likes of yahoo and google.

Check out the checkride section, there are some fantastic links there to help you out; gene whitt out of van nuys in california has some very good questions to get you thinking on the site (the link is in the checkride section).
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Well, good news. I passed the checkride! Yep, i am now among the ranks of pilots! What a relief to have it done. Now, im gonna grab my dad and take him flying!