girlfreind and ATP


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I wonder, was anyone able to go through the program while still having a girlfreind. And i mean living expenses not missing her..
And if I get hired, i wont be able to live in the $200 a month apartment, so thats an obstacle too.

About studying.
Should I finish all the tests before interviewing?
Should I let them give me the books and all the material?
I currently have 90 hours and 15 PIC X/C

So i still need to meet with the requirements.

Any help will be appreciated.
How about re-clarifying what you are asking? Do you mean has anyone been able to afford to live on their own with their girlfriend and still gone through the program ?
All I know is she better be VERY understanding since you will be living off of her salary and what she makes!
You can do it...she just has to understand up front she's paying for both of you.


Unless you have a huge trust fund (which i unfortunately do not), you better have saved up a lot of money. Not to sound rude or anything, but as flight instructors you typically make less than $20K/yr. If you think you can support a girlfriend/family on your savings for two years or more before you reach 1000+ hrs, then by all means go for it.
If not, you better have a VERY understanding spouse/significant other.

My girlfreind is very understanding.
She told me not to worry about it.
She is totaly supporting me. But we still need to look at what we are going to have.
If i instruct for atp then thats one thing, if I dont and part time cfi and work another job, i can do it easily.

You can do it. I have a couple of friends who are married and they are full time independent CFIs. However, it does put a huge strain on a relationship from what they've told me. But it can be done.


P.S. Does your gf have a sister?
I'm married, was when I went through the program too.
I often feel like I couldn't pull this off if it wasn't for her.

She's incredible understanding, so if your gf is too it shouldn't be a problem.

Alderson: Actually mine will be moving only I finish the program.
But if and when I get hired by atp then the pay is not that good and all I hope is that I can live

I mean she is going to work so that is no problem.
Im going to marry her anyways once she arrives. Or else she wont be able to work.
I completed the program with a wife, and my daughter was born four weeks into the program.

Simple choice, really- either man up and do what you have to do to get your career started, or it's just way too impossible for any number of reasons. I have seen my baby girl twice since the beginning of September, with no real indication of when I'll get back. I'm answering phones and making no real money...

but I'm delighted to do it. I'll be laughing my way into a jet in about a year!
I admire your motivation! THats great.
I feel the same..
No kids on the way, no doubt about that.
Im not going to let go of the rubber now

Not really. Doh!

Remember, the "goalie" has the sixth sense!

That time-building option is awesome, and brand new too. A lot of it will be under the hood- so be ready!

I'll most definitely be out there before you start. Don't know if I'll be an ACP instructor, but hey- I guarantee I'll be doing some of your sim work regardless.

Did you see the new simulator? It still has a couple of gremlins, but it seems like it'll be a much better trainer than the older one.

Can't wait to work with you. If you have questions, call me at the office.

All ACP locations will eventually get new sims, but right now ATP is in a trial phase, still looking at several options before a final candidate is chosen.
At least this is my understanding of what's happening.